WATCH: Sharon Osbourne Posts Hilarious Throwback Clip From ‘X-Factor’ Days

by Joe Rutland

Anyone who keeps up with Sharon Osbourne on social media knows that she loves to share photos and clips from different moments. This one, though, is pretty funny. It comes from Osbourne’s days as a judge on The X-Factor. As you can tell, a contestant is getting on the nerves of Simon Cowell here. The man is reading off a list of song titles and Simon is adamant in his “no” answers. At one point, you can see Sharon looking in his direction and just smiling. So, enjoy this moment in time from Sharon’s time on this TV show.

Now, Sharon has been busy recently as she has been making sure that her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, continues to get better after some serious surgery. We’ve been notified like many others from Ozzy himself that he’s feeling better. Well, he’s feeling so much better that he recently appeared on stage for a concert appearance.

Sharon Osbourne Talked About Ozzy’s Return To The Stage

Yes, the Prince of Darkness was back among the people as he and Tony Iommi reunited at the Commonwealth Games. “I love you all Birmingham! Good to be back!” he said while singing the Black Sabbath classic Paranoid. “Thank you, goodnight! You are the best. God bless you all. Birmingham forever!” Ozzy shouted at the end. That’s some good news right there.

It probably made Sharon’s night and year to see her husband do what he loves to do so much. Yes, she did speak out about Ozzy’s return to the stage. Sharon talked about the situation and how all of this came about during an appearance on her show The Talk. “We had to [keep it quiet]! We swore!” Sharon said while laughing. “No, they asked us six months ago and Ozzy couldn’t possibly have done it until after his last operation. They saw Ozzy was at Comic-Con and they said, ‘Alright, come on. Get him over’. And we’re like, alright.” Sharon will be watching her husband closely but definitely enjoying the fact that he could get back on stage after all he’s been through in his life. It’s great to see Ozzy back on the musical train and not just the crazy train, either.

Meanwhile, Sharon joined the chorus of people who shared their thoughts and warm memories of Olivia Newton-John. The singer-actress recently died at 73 years old. Well, here’s what Sharon wrote. She accompanied this caption with a photo of Newton-John along with her and Ozzy during an appearance on the BBC talk show The Graham Norton Show. “Rest In Peace #OlviaNewtonJohn Ozzy and I loved her so much,” Sharon Osbourne said. “She was a hero, teen idol and the work she has done for breast cancer is immeasurable”.