WATCH: Simon Cowell and Kelly Clarkson Have Hilarious Reunion on Her Talk Show

by Tia Bailey

The judges of “America’s Got Talent” appeared on former American Idol Kelly Clarkson‘s talk show, and the result was hilarious. Clarkson got to reunite with judge Simon Cowell.

This season of “America’s Got Talent” has been a very interesting one. Between the insane amount of talented acts, and the new setup for live shows, the competition show has had a pretty crazy season. Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and host Terry Crews all went on singer Kelly Clarkson’s show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” and the clip released from the episode has fans loving it.

The official Instagram page for “The Kelly Clarkson Show” shared a clip of everyone arguing because Cowell wants the judges to wear uniforms. The post was captioned: We can’t WAIT to see the new @AGT uniforms next season #agt.”

Everyone is talking over each other, with Crews, Klum, and Vergara all very against the uniforms. Clarkson cuts in and says: “I am actually gonna side with Simon on this because it’d be way easier.

Finally, the judges come to a conclusion in the clip — Klum, much to Vergara’s dismay, says that they will try the uniforms for one day if Cowell lets Klum dress him for a day. Cowell agrees, and Klum appears very excited, while Vergara asks “What are you agreeing without my consent?”

Fans loved the content, and showed it in the comments. One fan wrote: “Sooo, t-shirts for everyone? I think they should all design an AGT uniform and have the audience choose their favorite, even if it is just for one day! You guys are such a fun bunch!”

Another fan was excited to see Klum’s outfit for Cowell, commenting: “I cant wait to see Simon walk the runway!”

“America’s Got Talent’s” Simon Cowell Speaks About New Live Show Setup

Cowell prepared audiences for the changes in the show ahead of the live shows a few weeks ago.

“We had a ton of great people this year. So trying to get that number down to 36 would’ve been really difficult. In some ways we’ve made it easier by putting more people through. In other ways, we’ve made it harder because only two people per night are going to go through to the final. But I think that’s more exciting,” he said to PEOPLE.

After the fifth week of live shows, the judges will announce the top 10 finalists — along with an 11th “Wildcard.” Viewers will get to vote on who the Wildcard will be.

So far, the live shows have been electric. Cowell even compared one act to Carrie Underwood in terms of star quality. The judges are not making easy decisions this season for sure.

The live shows continue every Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.