WATCH: ‘Survivor’ Recaps Most Memorable Moments From Season 42

by Caitlin Berard

For over 20 years, Survivor has delighted audiences with its high-stakes survival-style competition and unbelievably resilient contestants. The newest addition is no different, with Season 42 of the iconic reality TV series bringing 18 castaways to Mamanuca Islands, Fiji, for a competition they’ll never forget.

Season 42 of Survivor is now behind us, but CBS is keeping the memories alive. In a recent Twitter post, CBS shared the “most memorable moments” of the new season, each one chosen by fans.

The first moment featured Jonathan Young (who made it all the way to Day 25 and the final four) single-handedly retrieving a ladder from the sea floor and carrying it to shore while directing the rest of his team. The fan who suggested the moment gave the spear fisherman the apt nickname “Aquaman.”

The next was Drea Wheeler, the 11th contestant voted off the island. Her exit on Day 23 was unusual, as she assisted in eliminating herself, giving the iconic line, “the tribe has spoken,” before helping to extinguish her flame.

Then, of course, was the almost love story between Zach and Maryanne. Zach was the very first contestant voted out, leaving a highly disappointed Maryanne behind. After his departure, Maryanne joked, “Zach is, like, every type of white guy that I have a crush on, so…there goes that.”

Last but not least was Omar’s elimination. Omar used a cunning strategy to backstab his way to Day 23. It was at this point, however, that he was finally found out by the other players, who blindsided him.

Maryanne Oketch Becomes Sole Survivor on Season 42

She might have been heartbroken by Zach’s early departure, but Maryanne Oketch didn’t let her disappointment dampen her determination. On the contrary, the 24-year-old seminary student from Ajax, Ontario, fought to the very end and eventually defeated fellow finalists Michael Turner and Romeo Escobar to become the sole survivor of Season 42.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Maryanne described her reaction to leaving Fiji the newest Survivor champion. “I wasn’t existing on the plane,” she recalled. “There was pizza being shoved in my face, people were talking, and I just realized that I won, and honestly, coming to the game, I didn’t think I was gonna win. So this was just a surreal thing. I wasn’t in the moment. It was just screaming in my head, Jeff was talking, people were talking. Like, I couldn’t tell you.”

Though she feels a great deal of pride in having defeated so many tough competitors, returning to normal life was a tough task. “When I came back from Survivor, I was an emotional wreck crying every day,” Maryanne explained. “Just sleeping on the floor, just a mess having that time to reintegrate into regular life, and then also to see what’s next? Like, I finished this dream. This dream’s now done. What do I figure out in my life? And figuring out that there’s more in life than just Survivor was very helpful.