WATCH: ‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant You Forgot Won $1 Million

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the long-running daytime TV game show The Price Is Right know well that it doesn’t usually take too much to get the contestants revved up.

In fact, this is a big part of why viewers are drawn to the popular price-guessing show. Most of the players on the show are bubbling with excitement. From the moment a contestant’s name is called to “come on down,” to the moment they leave the stage.

And, there’s no doubt that winning any of the popular television game show’s signature games just adds to the excitement. No matter what the prize is they are hoping to win.

But one memorable moment in the game show’s long history came in 2008 when one contestant hit the jackpot. Winning a mind-blowing one million dollars on the show’s popular “clock game.”

Those who have watched The Price Is Right more than likely know what the show’s “clock game” is all about. Contestants have a finite amount of time to guess the price of a certain item; while the show’s host, Drew Carey tells them whether the right answer is higher, or lower than the guess.

It’s a pretty simple concept, really. And, really the only strategy that comes into play here is a simple knowledge about price points when starting out the guessing process. This is a knowledge that one Price Is Right contestant had down pat during a 2008 episode. And, it won her an unprecedented amount of cash!

During the 2008 episode, contestant Cynthia Azevedo starts her turn out by nailing her first guess right on the nose when she names the price of a sofa at $899. This is a great start for Cynthia as she has to guess the price of both items in 30 seconds to win. If she does so, she will also get an extra $5,000. The game is extra exciting when Drew Carey tells Cynthia that if she guesses both correct prices in 10 seconds, she will win a whopping $1 million dollars.

This massively successful guess gives Cynthia a full nine seconds on the clock to guess the price of the second item, making her a millionaire. It’s a lot of time, and precious little time all at once. But, the excited contestant takes full advantage of the successful start.

The Second Round Takes Her A Few More Tries, But Cynthia Eventually Guesses Right On The Money!

The next item Cynthia is tasked with pricing on this memorable The Price Is Right moment is a piece of exercise equipment. The contestant’s first guess is $1,400…quite a ways off of the actual price of $999.

However, her initial win is still giving Cynthia the edge and she has plenty of time to keep guessing before the initial 10 seconds go by. And, just as she’s approaching this mark, she hits the right answer again, making the player a brand new millionaire!

“That’s it!” Drew Carey exclaims.

“You won a million bucks!” the game show host tells the contestant as confetti falls on the stage. It’s certainly a moment that Cynthia is not likely to ever forget!