WATCH: ‘Wicked Tuna’ Teases the Return of Captain Dave Marciano

by Joe Rutland

Fans of Wicked Tuna have tuned in for a long time and watched Dave Marciano of Hard Merchandise go out fishing for bluefin tuna. He did step away for a bit, but we have some news here. Marciano has returned to his spot on the fishing boat and is ready to go. Well, even he admits in the video below that he’s not 20 years old anymore. So, he might just leave the big fishing work to his shipmates. Yet it brings a smile to his face to return to Wicked Tuna.

“Hey listen, you guys are in charge,” Marciano says. “I’m just going for the boat ride.” He also tells his shipmates that he’s not going to change anything. “You guys did a fantastic job without me,” he says. “But I’m all rested now and I want to get in on the fun. But I’ll just be the bus driver. Whatever you guys say, goes. Fair enough?”

Jason Muenzner, who is a shipmate on Hard Merchandise, says, “We just need you to haul the anchor as fast as you can.” Dave Marciano says, “OK, I can do that.” Marciano’s son Joe also is a shipmate on the Wicked Tuna boat. The captain says that he will not interfere with their fishing. “They’ve proven they can do it without me,” he adds. “But we’re gonna stick to the strategy that’s worked for us all season. This whole season, I got my cell phone turned off and I got my radio turned off. That is what’s working for us. We’re just staying off on our own.”

Dave Marciano Of ‘Wicked Tuna’ Tells Tale Behind His Boat’s Name

Dave Marciano says that he feels like he pushed himself too much and needed a rest. Well, the show definitely picks up some action when he’s around. Marciano adds that trying to keep up with the boys, as he puts it, was getting to him. He also says that with Jay [Jason] and Joe’s help, he’s ready to keep their hot streak alive.

What’s in a name, you might ask? When it comes to Hard Merchandise, Marciano tells the tale of the boat’s name. He said that name has a double meaning to it. “The fish I always sell at the auctions are hard, firm, and fresh,” Marciano said. “That’s what the buyers are looking for, the hard merchandise, and we have it – the good stuff that fetches the highest prices.”

But he talks about the second reason behind that name. It has to do with his daughter Angelica and himself being into science fiction and the Star Wars books and movies. “Hard Merchandise is something Star Wars nerds and book fans who have read the series will understand,” he said.