Yet Another ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins $100,000

by Taylor Cunningham

This season of Wheel of Fortune is turning out to be more fortunate than ever. By May, seven contestants had already hit the ultimate prize of $100,000—and tonight made eight.

Lucky puzzle master Ilene earned the massive cash prize. And Wheel of Fortune quickly headed to Twitter to give her a shout-out on a spin well done.

“Winning $100,000 never gets old,” the show wrote.

Fans Celebrate the Monumental ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Win

And just like Wheel of Fortune, fans were eager to celebrate Ilene’s success.

The $100,00 spin came right at the beginning of the episode, which immediately pumped up the audience.

“Lady just won $100,000 on Wheel of Fortune! What a start to the night!” AGTCommenter wrote.

But what made other fans so excited was the player’s backstory. Apparently, Ilene has been trying to get her chance on Wheel of Fortune for three decades. And tonight, her dedication finally paid off—literally.

“She just won $112,000. I’m absolutely crying for her!!” one Twitter user cheered.

But she didn’t just score the money. Illene also nabbed herself a beachside vacation. So now, she can really live it up with her new bankroll.

Three Different ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants in a Row Won $100,000 Earlier This Season

But despite all the fanfare and amazed comments, Ilene’s cash prize isn’t the most jaw-dropping against all odds event of Wheel of Fortune’s 39th season. Several players have hit the major prize this year, and three of those spins came in a row.

On February 9th, a contestant named Bree brought the show to three consecutive $100,000 wins. The night before, Mark hit the number. And before him, it was a player named Lisa who cashed in.

Of course, a three-peat had never happened on Wheel of Fortune. So when Bree struck gold, host Pat Sajak couldn’t even process what had happened. When he opened the envelope, Sajak’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head, and he suddenly walked off the stage.

In an interview with his daughter and Wheel social correspondent Maggie Sajak, he admitted that he was simply shocked by the history-making moment, and he needed a moment to collect his thoughts.

“I’m running out of words to describe my reactions,” he admitted. “Stunned, surprised, I don’t know. It’s all inadequate.”