‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Were Losing it at This Celeb Guest

by Megan Molseed

Longtime Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak has been visiting with contestants for decades now. So, you’d think that the banter would come super easy for the TV game show host. And, it does…however, some days are a little better than others as the longtime host lands some hilarious jokes…and even some fun wordplay. This is exactly what happened during one Celebrity edition of the popular crossword-puzzle game show.

One Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune Guest Gets Plenty Of Laughs While Competing On The Hit Game Show

Recently, former Law & Order star Anthony Anderson competed in an episode of the popular Wheel Of Fortune spinoff, Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune. Anderson is also well known for his role as Dre in the hit ABC sitcom series, Black-ish as well as the comedy’s several spin-off shows. And it was exactly this role that sparked a hilarious moment between host Pat Sajak and Anthony Anderson earlier this year.

In the January episode, Anthony Anderson showed his talent for comedy throughout the game, trading one-liners with the prolific game show host as the episode continued. Then, one moment hit in an even more hilarious fashion, sending some fans of the Celebrity Wheel edition into hysterics. And, it wasn’t Anderson’s hilarity that brought on the laughs this time. In fact, it was Sajak’s response to one of Anderson’s guesses that led to the hilarious Wheel Of Fortune moment.

Pat Sajak Nails The Word-Play During One Celebrity Wheel Edition

In the hilarious moment, Pat Sajak responds to one of Anthony Anderson’s guesses telling him he missed the mark with a quippish “you were wrong-ish.” The delivery was spot-on as Anderson reacts to Sajak’s play on his famous TV show, Black-ish.

Of course, Anderson didn’t stay “wrong-ish” during this 2022 episode of Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune. In all, the former Law & Order star won a whopping $75,300 for charity.

Anderson Has A Hilarious “Meltdown” On National TV

Another unforgettable moment from this popular episode of Celebrity Wheel came when Anderson decided to show off his acting chops, delivering a hilarious performance in conjunction with one of the puzzle answers.

During the episode, Anthony Anderson feigned having a meltdown on the Wheel Of Fortune set in response to the puzzle reveal which reads “HAVING A MELTDOWN ON LIVE TELEVISION.”

“Who wouldn’t have a meltdown after missing that #CelebrityWheelOfFortune puzzle? quips the official Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune Twitter Page later that night. The tweet includes a hilarious gif of our favorite Wheel host as he responds to Anderson’s improv moment.