‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Is Officially Coming Back for Season 3

by Megan Molseed

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune has been a popular spin-off of the iconic game show. And now, fans of the popular spin-off gameshow can get ready once again to cheer on their favorite celebrities competing to win cash for their favorite series. The popular celebrity game show is now renewed for yet another season on television.

It’s no mystery why Wheel fans are drawn to this spin-off edition of the popular game show television series. What’s more fun for pop-culture fans than watching celebrities come together, competing to solve some challenging puzzles?

The announcement that the star-studded game show is returning to the airwaves for a third season came late last week. The spin-off series features our favorite Wheel cohosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White, and invites a variety of our favorite celebrities from film and television icons to sports heroes. Each episode affords the stars a chance to win as much as $1 million for the charity of their choice.

Wheel of Fortune Sees Multiple Winners On A Hot Streak As Six Contestants Have Landed the Show’s Top $100,000 Prize

They may not be celebrities, but a few of this season’s Wheel of Fortune contestants are becoming well-known names in the Wheel circuit. So far this season, six Wheel of Fortune contestants have found themselves taking home some major winnings. Scoring the $100,000 cash prize in the game show’s bonus round.

Recently, the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page shared the moment one contestant lands the big cash prize during the bonus round puzzle.

“Count ’em,” the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page says in a message followed by exactly six confetti emojis.

“[Six] $100,000 winners this season!” the post exclaims.

In this tweet, the popular game show reveals the moment the most recent Wheel player secured his $100,000 win. In this clip, one contestant named Mike faces the category: “What Are You Doing?”

Initially, things aren’t looking great for Mike. His letter guesses only added one letter to the Wheel puzzle. But, Mike knows what he’s doing; grinning excitedly and telling Sajak “Let’s go,” just as the moment to solve the puzzle arrives.

“Oh, he seems confident,” Pat Sajak comments as an excited Mike gets ready for the big solve. Then, once the timer begins, Mike answers the puzzle, “Parting Ways.”

And, this guess was the right one, as the answer is revealed on the Wheel board. An exciting moment, sure. However, there was more excitement yet to come. Sajak asks Mike what prize he would pick if he could choose. Of course, the Wheel contestant tells Pat he would like to see his card reveal the $100,000 prize.

“Okay,” Sajak says simply, turning the prize card over to reveal that this is what Mike has won. In total, Mike walked away with $122,903 in winnings.