WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Overcomes ‘About 42 Bankrupts’ to Win the Bonus Round

by Megan Molseed

Wheel of Fortune fans know well that landing on “bankrupt” can wreak havoc on anyone’s turn at the iconic Wheel. After all, this is part of the fun of the popular television game show. Wracking up the big bucks to solve the puzzle, all while avoiding losing their winnings by landing on this particular wedge that takes away a player’s earnings for their entire turn. However, sometimes even multiple run-ins with a Wheel bankrupt won’t stop a contestant from going all the way, even to the coveted bonus round.

This is exactly what happened with one recent Wheel of Fortune contestant named Kevan after playing a game that resulted in what Wheel host Pat Sajak jokes to be “about 42 bankrupts.”

In a recent Twitter post, Wheel of Fortune shares a clip of a recent episode which is titled “Best of Kevan.” In this clip, we see Kevan as he is trying to solve one of the day’s puzzles. It’s a phrase containing five words. And, it looks as if Kevan is doing quite well coming up with the right answer.

The video then skips ahead just a little bit, sharing more of Kevan’s attempt to solve the puzzle, which now has even more letters revealed. Eventually, Kevan guesses all the letters in the answer: “IN THE LAP OF LUXURY.”

“Don’t do that Kevan,” Sajak jokes about the Wheel player’s unusual approach to puzzle-solving.

“Read it!” the host quips. Of course, Kevan does, winning that puzzle.

Of course, Kevan does read what’s revealed on the Wheel puzzle board, solving this particular round.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Overcomes Multiple Bankrupts, Taking Home A Big Win In the Show’s Bonus Round

“Kevin,” Pat Sajak announces as the game continues. “You’re an incredibly exhausting player!”

As the clip continues, we learn that Kevin has gained a total winning amount of $22,440. Making him the contestant who is headed into Wheel’s final bonus round.

“He overcame about 42 bankrupts,” Pat Sajak quips in the Twitter video, just before Kevan selects his category for the final Wheel round. Then, as if overcoming multiple roadblocks in his journey to the Wheel of Fortune bonus round, Kevan’s choice to select “things” as his category proved to be very successful.

Kevan Finds The ‘Maps’ To A Major Wheel Win

Things aren’t looking good for Kevan as he starts his final round. Before selecting his own three consonants and one vowel, the only letter revealed in the puzzle is a single “S.” However, Kevin’s letter choice, “P, Y, H, and O” proves to be hugely helpful. And after working through the possible answers, Kevin finally solves the bonus round, “HIGHWAY MAPS.”

“You worked it out, my friend!” Sajak exclaims as Kevan celebrates his amazing win, revealing the final prize, a Ford Edge.