WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins a New Car With Last-Second Guess

by Leanne Stahulak

Last night’s “Wheel of Fortune” contestant cut it pretty close during the Bonus Round. But he managed to pull through and win himself a brand new car.

Nick faced the category “Fun & Games” during the “Wheel of Fortune” Bonus Round. Luckily for him, several letters were filled in on the board as he went to solve. And while he had a clear grasp on the first word in the puzzle, the second one took a few tries to get.

“Going…undetected? Going undepicted? Going…undefeated!” Nick said with just one or two seconds left on the clock.

The audience clapped and cheered when “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak confirmed that Nick answered correctly. And of course, Sajak had to cleverly quip, “That was going unexpected.”

Nick laughed, then cheered again when Sajak added, “And you got a car,” opening up the winning placard. In total, with the Escape Hybrid and his earlier winnings, Nick walked away with $48,635.

The official “Wheel of Fortune” Instagram account captioned the post about his last-second win, “Don’t scare us like that, Nick!

But Nick wasn’t the only one to walk away with a brand new car this week. Fellow contestant Calvin also snagged a new ride when he solved a Bonus Round puzzle with a difficult letter. Unlike Nick, his solution didn’t come down to the last second. But Calvin did have to work with a letter we don’t see often on “Wheel of Fortune.”

The letter in question was a “Q,” which Calvin didn’t guess as one of his consonants. But luckily, several other letters had been filled out on the board so that he could see the solution was “An epic quest.”

Calvin only needed one guess to get it right. And then Sajak broke the good news that he’d won a Bronco. In total, Calvin finished the night with $57,269 in winnings.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Troll Contestants Over Hilarious Mistake

Participating in a game show like “Wheel of Fortune” can be fun and carefree when you’re playing at home from the safety of your couch. But up on stage, the nerves can get to even the calmest of contestants.

Fans witnessed this firsthand during an episode earlier this week. During the first Toss Up, the contestants dealt with a two-word phrase that was already half-filled in. One contestant, Miranda, guessed “Splendid surprise.”

Unfortunately, surprise didn’t fit because it’s an eight-letter word, not a seven-letter one. “Noooo,” Pat Sajak replied. “Everybody else?”

This is where the nerves clearly set in. Jeff, another contestant, buzzed in to say, “Splendid surprise!”

Pat Sajak, with full sarcasm, replied, “Still not, no.”

Finally, the third contestant, Kevin, answered, “Splendid sunrise.”

“Wheel of Fortune” fans couldn’t believe what had happened. “Pat Sajak openly hates this job at this point,” one fan said on Twitter after the show.

“‘Still incorrect’. Thank you Pat, that was the perfect response,” another person said.