WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Picks Flowers for Vanna White in Sweet Moment

by Megan Molseed

Maybe it’s the springtime weather inspiring the Wheel of Fortune host. Or, maybe it’s simply because Pat Sajak thought it was time to bring his cohost flowers after a few decades on the air.

Whatever, the case, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak made a sweet gesture recently, giving Vanna White a fresh-picked bouquet of flowers as one recent episode of the iconic game show comes to a close.

“Pat has NEVER done this before,” the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page says in a recent post. The tweet includes a quick seconds-long GIF as Wheel host Pat Sajak finds some flowers decorating the stage. He pulls a couple off the springy decoration and hands them to his Wheel of Fortune cohost.

Pat Sajak Gives Vanna A Thoughtful Spur-Of-The-Moment Gift While On the Wheel Of Fortune Set

The Twitter post also includes a link to a YouTube clip. This clip sheds a little more light on the exchange; sharing a much more detailed clip of the sweet television moment.

“In all these years I’ve never brought you a lovely bouquet,” Pat Sajak says to Vanna White as the two Wheel of Fortune hosts stand on the iconic game show’s stage.

“No you haven’t,” Vanna White confirms in the post-game-show exchange.

“Hang on,” Pat Sajak responds. “Just a moment,” he adds as he turns, headed towards a bouquet of yellow flowers decorating the Wheel set.

Pat Sajak plucks about four of the yellow decorations, letting out little sighs as he pulls each one from out of its spot.

“There ya go,” Sajak says as he gathers his pickings clumsily in his hands while forming a makeshift bouquet, and then handing them off to his cohost.

Anything Can Happen On Wheel Of Fortune – Even An Unexpected Tie

One of the best things about Wheel of Fortune is the fact that it can still take fans by surprise. Even after the iconic game show has been on the air for nearly five decades. Like the moment Sajak decides to present Vanna White with some freshly picked flowers.

However, there is another rare moment the game show has seen over the years. This rare occurrence is a tie between players as they compete to make it to the bonus round. According to reports, Wheel of Fortune has seen this happen just a few times in the show’s history. Once in 2016; and once in 2006, and in 2003.

In the 2016 tie game, Wheel contestants LaToya Williams and Daniele Gilseth end a Wheel match with a total of $24,000 each. This, Pat Sajak tells the contestants, means that it’s time for the tied contestants to head into a rarely seen “toss-up playoff.”

The players head into another puzzle, to which LaToya quickly figures out the answer. This pushes her into the top spot with a winning total of $25,000 heading into the Bonus Round. Things got extra exciting for LaToya as she moves on to nail the Bonus Round winning the top $100,000 prize.