‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Breezes Through the Bonus Round for a Big Win: WATCH

by Taylor Cunningham

During a 2021 installment of Wheel of Fortune, one puzzle-solving genius made Pat Sajak put his foot in his mouth after winning an impossible-looking bonus round with one guess.

The lucky contestant named Ruth Cellery appeared on the game show back on October 18th during the Great American Cities: San Diego episode. The former player is a mother of one and grandmother of three. And she had a career in human resources.

She also claims to be an avid Wheel Watcher and began obsessing over the show as a teenager, according to her hometown newspaper, Times of San Diego. And by doing that, she clearly learned a lot about the game.

Now that the series is on hiatus, it decided to replay her win since it was an obvious season 39 highlight.

After the episode aired tonight (July 4th), the series decided to pay one last tribute to the jaw-dropping contestant with a clip of her memorable moment.

Wheel of Fortune posted the video on Twitter along with some props for making “the bonus round look easy.”

The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Made Pat Sajak Eat His Words

After coming out as the overall champion of the night, Ruth got the chance to earn big money during the bonus round, As usual, the round begins when the board fills with the standard letters— R, S, T, L, N, E. And as it goes with many players, the free letters didn’t give her much to go on. Ruth was left with 14 empty spots and a vague clue of “event.”

Then, after guessing “C, O, M, D,” her prospects didn’t look much better. The letters only lit two more slots.

Pat instantly chimed in to stress that the puzzle looked “tough” even to him. But he gave her a quick pep talk and said that she was a talented player, so if she talked it out, she stood a chance of guessing phrase. Though, he certainly didn’t sound hopeful.

Then Pat gave Ruth 10 seconds on the clock and told her to have at it. But once she was free to go, she didn’t need to “talk through” anything. With her very first guess, she came out a champion.

“Making a breakthrough?” she asked.

“Or, on the other hand, you can just go ahead and solve it,” Pat said, clearly impressed.

After giving himself some flack for not having faith in Ruth’s abilities, he announced that her quick thinking earned her $39,000.

“Make me look like a liar,” he added with a laugh.

In total, Ruth walked away with $61,688—and some major bragging rights.