‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Has Best Reaction After Winning Big Money in Bonus Round

by Megan Molseed

Watchers of the long-running TV game show Wheel of Fortune know well that fans can have some hilarious reactions to wins – and even losses – in the popular crossword puzzle-based game show. But one recent Wheel player gave us an adorable moment recently when he secured a win during the game show’s bonus round.

In a recent post, the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page shared the moment when Sean brought home a win during the bonus round. And his reaction was one of the best we have seen yet!

As the clip begins, we see Sean is facing a puzzle that appears to be quite daunting. The clue is “What are you wearing,” and the two-word answer has quite a few letters. Seventeen letters, to be exact. And, to make things even more complicated, the round starts out with only five letters out of Wheel’s initial RSTLNE contributions revealed on the board.

One Recent Contestant Has An Adorable Reaction As He Brings Home A Big Win During The Wheel Of Fortune Bonus Round

As Sean prepares to solve the Bonus Round puzzle, he selects the letters “C, D, H, & O.”

These selections pay off well for Sean as they give the Wheel player a good start on the puzzle. Sean’s guesses prompt Vanna White to turn over six new letters. And, of these letters, five of them are in the second word…which only contains six letters total!

“He’s smiling,” notes Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak in the clip.

“That’s usually a good sign,” the Wheel host quips.

“Or, he’s just a happy guy,” Sajak continues of Sean.”I don’t know which.”

Then, the clock begins…giving Sean 10 seconds to solve the puzzle. However, the contestant needs only a fraction of this time as he solves the clue, “lightweight hoodie.”

Sean’s Wish Comes True After The Wheel Contestant Wishes For A Cash Prize Coming Out Of The Bonus Round

After solving the bonus round puzzle, Sean is clearly ecstatic. Letting out a cheerful “Oh my god!” while gleefully clapping his hands. Then, while still clapping after the big win, Sean hilariously chants “please let it be money, please let it be money” while he waits for Sajak to reveal the prize he has selected. Which ends up being a whopping $39,000. A prize that Sean is happy to bring home.

“Oh! Ho!” Sean exclaims before pumping his fist in the air, excitedly letting out a “yeess!”

Of course, the Wheel of Fortune announcer can’t help but deliver a hilarious joke as he announces “now your hoodie will need biiig pockets!” cheering the Wheel winner on in his successful $39,000 Bonus Round win.