‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Impresses Fans Solving Puzzle as ‘Rare’ Letter Makes an Appearance

by Shelby Scott

While we love to see the variety of prizes contestants are presented with while featuring on “Wheel of Fortune,” we love even more seeing the fun, unique, and strange letters and phrases that get those contestants to the prizes. Most recently, one “Wheel of Fortune” contestant especially impressed fans as he solved a puzzle with one rare letter. Check out the clip below.

The clip begins with a focus on the letterboard, the night’s contestant, Calvin, already set with the letters N, E, S, and T. He then gains stronger footing, tacking on a P, I, and C. Moments later, he puzzles out the puzzle, which reads, “An Epic Quest.”

“A rare appearance from the letter Q!” the official “Wheel of Fortune” Twitter post read. It then quipped, “No queries, qualms or quandaries for Calvin, though,” who took home a Ford Bronco at the end of the round.

“Q rarely gets called along with X,” one fan noted.

Another joked, “Q, we don’t have time for your games!”

One more “Wheel of Fortune” fan suggested, “Calvin probably knew the last word and focused on the second. Smart move.”

Simultaneously, other fans said they were also able to guess the puzzle claiming that even the throw-in of Q didn’t confuse them. Still, it’s always interesting to see rare letters appear on the game show’s board.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Can Tell When Pat Sajak Doesn’t Like a Contestant

Just like some fans were able to tell the puzzle with or without the letter Q, others think they can also tell when Pat Sajak doesn’t like a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant. Fans most recently spotted the tell when one contestant, in particular, a man named Erik, wasn’t playing to the best of his abilities. Some fans noted he also made some missteps in etiquette that simply rubbed the longtime host the wrong way.

Following the episode, one fan noted, “Anybody notice how, when a contestant says, ‘I’d like to solve’ before they’ve called a letter (rather than just blurting it out), Pat will kindly say they might want to call a letter first to get more money?”

Of Erik’s round, they said, “Tonight he was so disgusted, he just said, ‘Yeah sure why not, go ahead, who needs more money?’ LMAO.”

Despite Sajak’s annoyance with the contestant, and his unwillingness to provide a gentle nudge in the right direction as he does for most fans, Erik still wound up taking home the win. Solving the puzzle, which read, “A Gentle Giant,” Sajak specifically said, “Yeah, why not? Who needs money these days?”

Whether or not the contestant felt Sajak’s sarcasm, we can’t be sure. However, one thing we can be sure of is that “Wheel of Fortune” fans love the little bit of drama and sass our longtime host exhibits when he becomes fed up with a non-gracious contestant.