‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins Car After Wildly Impressive Bonus Round Puzzle Solve

by Shelby Scott

We’ve seen some brainy contestants make their way to the Wheel of Fortune stage, however, one contestant won herself a brand new car after taking on a wildly impressive bonus round puzzle solve. Check out the unbelievable round below.

The contestant, Liz, began the bonus round with the letters E, L, N, and S. Pondering the hidden word puzzle, she then guessed M, D, B, and A. Of the four letters, B and A appeared on the board with Wheel of Fortune icon Vanna White revealing them.

Longtime host Pat Sajak reminded Liz the category was “In the Kitchen,” wishing her luck as the 10-second count down began. Barely a breath after wishing her luck, however, the game show contestant confidently shouted out, “Baking Supplies.”

“Need more time, or is that enough?” Sajak quipped, then humorously asked her, “How does a car strike ya?”

In the end, the Wheel of Fortune contestant wound up taking home a Volkswagen Tiguan, and leaving us all wishing we could all be that lucky.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Winner Invites Vanna White Into His New Car

We’ve seen some comical individuals appear on Wheel of Fortune, and one of those actually occurred during a recent airing of the hit game show.

As a living symbol of the long-running game show, Vanna White remains popular among Wheel of Fortune fans, so we can only begin to imagine what it’s like for contestants to actually meet her in person. That said, one bonus round winner, after scoring a brand new Mini Coop, even took a moment to invite the seasoned letter-turner to take a seat beside him inside the brand new vehicle. See the humorous moment below.

Over on Instagram, the official caption read, “Rob is ready to drive into the sunset—you coming, [Vanna White]?”

Fans took to the comments to share in on the humor.

“That was completely hilarious when I watched it on the show,” one fan wrote. “It is even funnier here on Instagram.” Another, riffing off of one of the contestant’s previous comments joked, “To think those weren’t even his favorite categories! Nice one!”

A final commenter laughed, “Shoot your shot Bro,” followed by emojis in hysterics.

Altogether, season 39 of Wheel of Fortune ended on a fun note and left fans excited for the game show’s return.

Game Show Fans Can’t Get Over Hilarious ‘Jurassic Park’ Puzzle Mistake

Pat Sajak came under fire for his rather snarky attitude a few weeks ago, though by the conclusion of season 39, he appeared in better spirits. As such, Wheel of Fortune fans could better focus their attention on the word puzzles and the contestants, and in doing so, were in hysterics over one contestant’s hilarious Jurassic Park mistake.

Ultimately, the comical word puzzle guess, which was “Jurassic Park Bodies,” actually read “Jurassic Park Movies.” Afterward, the flub went viral adding another comical flair to the conclusion of the current season.