‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Continue Streak of Bonus Round Wins With Fourth in a Row

by Leanne Stahulak

“Wheel of Fortune” contestants seem to be on a roll this week with four Bonus Round wins in a row. Will tonight’s contestant finish out this perfect week?

Since Monday, four “Wheel of Fortune” contestants have nailed their Bonus Round answers. Two walked away with new cars, while the other two walked out with more than $50,000 in their pockets. Tonight, we find out if this epic streak continues with the fifth Bonus Round contestant.

Last night, Vivian continued this streak with her “Occupation” category. By the time all the consonants and vowels she’d chosen were in place, Vivian was still left with a fairly incomplete puzzle. But based on her bouncing on her toes, even host Pat Sajak could tell she was ready to answer.

“Oh, she already got it,” the “Wheel of Fortune” host said under his breath. “Let me try to build a little tension here, for goodness’ sake.”

Then, in a louder, voice, Sajak announced, “It’s an occupation. You have only 10 seconds the clock hasn’t started yet… now it has, good luck!”

“Project manager!” Vivian announced. “Yeah that’s it,” Sajak said. He then revealed the $39,000 she’d won in addition to her previous game winnings. Vivian ended up walking away with $67,000 total.

The official “Wheel of Fortune” Twitter page shared Vivian’s victory and put a clever caption with the post. “Us: Can you become the 4th Bonus Round winner this week? Vivian: No problem.” See her epic win in the video below.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Bonus Round Winners all Knew Their Answers Right Away

Something that we noticed with this week’s dream team of “Wheel of Fortune” winners is that all four contestants knew the answer from the get-go. There were no last-minute guesses or desperately trying to talk it out. From Monday through Thursday, these contestants managed to pick the right category or letters to make the puzzles easy to solve.

On Monday, Jody kicked things off in the “Food & Drink” category. Once she had her letters in place, she clapped a hand over her mouth and started bouncing on her toes. As soon as the clock started, Jody exclaimed, “Frozen Yogurt!” Pat Sajak confirmed her answer and then showed her that she’d won $45,000, bringing her grand total to $57,200.

Tuesday night, Liz faced the “In the Kitchen” category. She started nodding her head a bit as soon as all the letters made it up onto the Bonus Round board. “Baking supplies?” she questioned right away. “You need more time or is that enough?” Sajak joked. He followed it up by asking, “How does a car strike you?” Liz walked away with a brand new Tiguan.

Finally, on Wednesday, Kevin picked the “What Are You Doing?” category. He got nervous when Vanna White just stood there for a moment after he added three consonants and one vowel. Then she started moving around the board, adding a few letters in. Sajak joked about Kevin’s nervousness before starting to say, “What Are You Doing is the category –“

“Being playful,” Kevin cut in, apparently answering Sajak’s question of what he’s doing. “Yeah, okay, fine, sure,” Sajak replied. “Was I quick enough?”