‘Wheel of Fortune’: Eagle-Eyed Fans Discover an Unusual Detail Across Thousands of Episodes

by Megan Molseed

Wheel of Fortune has been an evening staple for many game show lovers for decades now. And now, some eagle-eyed Wheel of Fortune fans are pointing out one very strange detail about the show. A detail that spans multiple recent episodes of the popular television game show.

Fans Begin To Wonder: Is There A Wheel of Fortune Uniform?

Recently, an eagle-eyed Wheel of Fortune fan pointed out something unusual on the hit game show. A specific detail related to an on-screen dress. A dress code detail that has occurred over a variety of Wheel of Fortune’s most recent episodes. This detail? A similar outfit that multiple female contestants have worn while stepping up to participate in the popular television game show.

In a post to social media, this Wheel fan points out that many of the show’s contestants can be seen donning what they hilariously call the Wheel of Fortune uniform. This “uniform,” the fan points out, consists of a royal blue shirt under a black blazer.

“Have you ever noticed how many contestants wear the same looking outfit on #wheeloffortune?” the fan inquires about the unusual detail. Then, the Wheel of Fortune watcher notes that this outfit appeared on the game show that very day; when a Wheel player Amy took her turn on the game show’s iconic stage.

In this social media message, the Wheel of Fortune fan notes that the Thursday contestant is wearing the outfit that has now been dubbed the “Wheel of Fortune uniform.”

A look they have seen many times on the popular game show, and they have pics to prove it. The fan includes as many as 13 photos depicting contestants wearing similar outfits on the Wheel stage.

Wheel Showrunners Share A List Of Wardrobe ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’t’s’

While Wheel of Fortune players aren’t told exactly what to wear on the popular game show, there are still some guidelines to follow. According to The List, the game show producers provide contestants with some specific guidelines on what to wear while competing on the set.

Among these guidelines are “no solid red, black, or white tops,” the Wheel of Fortune list of dress-code guidelines notes. According to the on-screen guidelines, these solid colors don’t read well on the Wheel of Fortune television cameras. Female contestants on the popular game show are also told to avoid “tight-fitting tops.”

According to one former Wheel contestant, Ryan Cannonie, it is the female contestants who receive the most guidelines when it comes to the Wheel of Fortune dress code. Men, on the other hand, are simply told to wear business or business-casual attire, Connonie notes.