‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Blast Pat Sajak Again for ‘Disrespecting’ Vanna White

by Shelby Scott

Something has set Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak off this season, and while he’s most recently directed his hostile comments at viewers and contestants, the latest airing of the game show saw the TV star slam co-host, Vanna White. White, who has borne the brunt of many of Sajak’s less than tasteful comments, continues to take the longtime host’s comments in stride, however, that in no way has kept fans from leaping at the Wheel of Fortune host’s throat. After issuing yet another rude comment on broadcast TV, fans are calling out Pat Sajak for “disrespecting” the seasoned letter-turner.

According to iHeart’s KIISFM, Pat Sajak’s newest remark has many Wheel of Fortune fans thinking the host doesn’t have respect for Vanna White. During the controversial episode, as White went to reveal the letters, Sajak said, “Could ya move a little faster?”

As always, his co-host never reacted to the comment, and while the contestants “awkwardly chuckled,” fans rushed to social media to air their grievances with Sajak.

“Are you watching Wheel rn?” one viewer asked. “Pat’s out here disrespecting our girl Vanna.”

Another said, “You don’t get snotty with a national treasure.”

Others simply expressed shock that, after working together for four decades, the game show host decided now he would begin rushing Vanna.

Altogether, his comment angered Wheel of Fortune fans. That said, though, poor Vanna has been enduring out-of-pocket comments and jokes for years.

Pat Sajak’s Remark Comes On the Heels of a Hugely Inappropriate Exchange

Because Pat Sajak’s latest remark during Wheel of Fortune wasn’t in any way provocative, it might explain why the longtime host didn’t get a reaction out of his costar. Nevertheless, just because the game show host didn’t impede White’s reputation this time doesn’t mean he hasn’t done it before.

Several months ago, amid the heights of the #MeToo movement, Pat Sajak doled out a comment that left many Wheel of Fortune fans extremely uncomfortable.

A previous episode of the game show featured a contestant who also happened to boast talent as an opera singer. Innocently, Sajak asked his costar if she was a fan of opera. In a simple response, Vanna White said, “Yes. I’m not a buff, but I like opera.”

Then, suddenly, the conversation took a deep dive as the 75-year-old TV star said, “Have you ever watched opera in the buff? I’m just curious.”

The sexual innuendo sparked an outcry from game show fans, with plenty jumpy to the letter-turner’s defense as she endured more harassment from Pat Sajak.

In response to the incident, viewers took to Twitter begging Wheel of Fortune’s producer to replace Pat Sajak.

“These are filmed three months in advance,” one fan pointed out. “They could edit this crap. Please Pat. Retire.”