‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Think They Can Tell When Pat Sajak Dislikes a Contestant

by Megan Molseed

Does longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak have a tell? Well, according to some fans of the popular and long-running game show he does. And, this tell comes across, Wheel of Fortune viewers are commenting, when Sajak is not pleased with a contestant on the show.

Have Wheel of Fortune Fans Spotted The Signs Telling Us When Pat Sajak Does Not Like A Contestant?

Recently, viewers of the popular crossword puzzle-based game show have shared their thoughts that Pat Sajak has some specific “tells” when he doesn’t like a particular contestant. This is particularly evident in one episode, fans are saying, when one contestant seemed to get on Pat’s nerves the most.

During this episode, one of the contestants, Erik, wasn’t exactly on his toes throughout the game show. He made a few bad guesses early on. And, he made a few etiquette blunders that rubbed Pat Sajak the wrong way, fans note.

What Are Pat Sajak’s “Tells” When He’s Not Happy With A Wheel Contestant?

One fan of the popular game show comments on social media that Pat Sajak had clearly had enough of the particular contestant earlier in the week. This Wheel of Fortune fan notes that the longtime host usually gives his contestants a wise bit of advice before they make an immediate puzzle solve. However, he didn’t do this in the recent episode, when Erik decided to make a move to solve the puzzle.

“Anybody notice how when a contestant says ‘I’d like to solve’ before they’ve called a letter (rather than just blurting it out), Pat will kindly say they might want to call a letter first to get more money?” the Wheel of Fortune fan notes.

“Tonight he was so disgusted he just said, ‘Yeah sure why not, go ahead, who needs more money!’” the commenter adds. “LMAO.”

Perhaps this fan is right. After all, the famous Wheel of Fortune wheel had already been spun; and the player was guaranteed that dollar amount if he correctly guesses a letter. However, when Erik decided to solve instead, Pat seemed to simply toss some shade in his direction before letting the contestant finish the round.

Fans Think Pat Sajak Was Simply Annoyed By Recent Contestant

It seemed as if Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak was already pretty annoyed with the contestant when Erik decided to solve. So, the host didn’t even make an attempt to persuade him to guess a letter first. Something he has been known to do for other players over the years.

“Sure, go ahead,” Sajak tells Erik.

Erik’s guess of “A Gentle Giant” was the correct one. However, Pat didn’t seem to be super impressed. As this round raps up, the host comments, “Yeah, why not? Who needs money these days?” That’s some super shade nowadays!