‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Celebrate Legendary Host Pat Sajak’s Birthday

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Well, it’s that time of the year once again and it’s time for everyone to wish Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak a happy birthday. We’ve got a couple of tweets from his daughter Maggie Sajak to share with you. One of them is below. Yet a separate one said, “H _ _ _ Y B _ _ _ _ D _ Y D _ D! Don’t worry, he’s really good at solving puzzles. But just in case….HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!” A picture of father and daughter together accompanied this tweet. What else did Maggie send out to the Internet on Wednesday? This one.

A lot of fans were keeping their celebratory messages pretty simple. One group of them basically said, “Happy birthday Pat!” Yet there were other fans chiming in with their own good words and joys. Sajak had some kind words to pass along to the millions of fans who watch him every night. He wrote on Twitter, “Thanks to those of you kind enough to send along birthday greetings. Tonight I’m going to party like it’s 1899!”

Fans Are Not Holding Back Their Good Wishes For ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host

What about those other birthday blessings for Sajak from the fans? One wrote, “You are so vintage, pat!” Another one said, “I missed it again! But happy belated birthday to you!” This fan had some beverage action on his mind. The person wrote, “‘Sarsaparilla Saturday’ comes early this week. HB.” Another fan wrote, “Happy Birthday, Pat! Party hard!” We don’t think that partying hard will be a problem for Sajak.

The fans were still rocking and rolling with their comments. This one said, “Happy Birthday, Pat Sajak! Hope it’s the start of another good year!” Another good year? Pat seems to have a lot of good years one after the other. This fan said, “Happy birthday, Pat!!! Cake is back on the menu, boys!!!” A lot of fans seem to also enjoy seeing Pat and his longtime on-air partner, Vanna White, get together for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. That show airs on ABC and can be seen weekly. Of course, you can catch the daily show on Monday through Friday nights.

Oh man, you know that Pat will keep the jokes and humor coming. He has found a knack for sharing the humor and funnies with everyone. People know that his daughter Maggie is the show’s Social Correspondent. She’s busy posting videos and little inside looks at the show on social media. It’s probably a proud Dad moment to see Maggie contributing so much to the show’s success.