‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Couldn’t Stop Laughing at Contestant’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Puzzle Mistake

by Megan Molseed

Wheel of Fortune has long been a fan-favorite TV game show. From phrases to quotes, to places, or titles and things, the Wheel contestants face some challenging puzzles regularly. Sometimes the contestants guess the puzzles correctly from the jump. Other times, however, contestants have a harder time be it through mispronunciation or misread clues.

And, these moments can lead to some hilarious moments in game show history. This is exactly what happened recently when one contestant tried to solve a trending puzzle with the clue “Show Biz.”

The answer to this clue was supposed to be “Jurassic Park Movies.” This makes sense, right? Especially considering the long-awaited third installment to the Jurassic World films was released this week. But, this contestant was a little bit off with her guess. Instead, she called out a hilarious answer and Wheel host Pat Sajak isn’t sure how to react. Watch below to see what unfolded during the hilarious Wheel of Fortune moment:

That’s right, this contestant made a guess that was far more morbid than the real answer to the puzzle. It was a hilarious exchange when Tenya attempted the solve.

“I’ll try and solve,” the contestant named Tenaya says in the hilarious Wheel of Fortune clip.

“Jurassic Park… Bodies?” she says tentatively.

Tenaya’s blunder was a costly one for the contestant. Losing this puzzle cost the player a chance to win $10,000 on Wednesday’s game. It also cost Tenaya the chance to move onto the bonus round. However, the moment did briefly become viral, so that’s a plus! The Jurassic World Twitter Page even made note of this hilarious Wheel moment.

The Release Of the Third Jurassic World Installment Is Taking Over Everything – Even the Wheel Puzzle Board

The same day that Tenaya makes her blunder guessing “bodies” instead of “movies,” the Jurassic World Twitter page shares the completed puzzle. With a little puzzle of its own in the comments!

Of course, in this tweet, the puzzle is already solved – showing the correct phrase, Jurassic Park Movies. Something a lot of us are no doubt rewatching as the release of the latest Jurassic World installment is finally upon us!

One Wheel Contestant Makes A Fabulous Last-Second Guess

Recently, another Wheel of Fortune player had a memorable moment…this time it was an impressive last-second guess that won him a brand new car!

Nick was looking at solving for the category “Fun & Games” in the popular game show’s bonus round. Most letters were already filled in. However, it did take him a few seconds to get the correct answer.

“Going…undetected?” he says at first. Then, realizing this wasn’t the answer, Nick continues guessing as to the bonus round clock continues to count-down.

“Going undepicted? Going…undefeated!” he says as two seconds are left on the clock. Nick said with just one or two seconds left on the clock.

The Wheel of Fortune Instagram shares this moment, captioning the video with the comment “Don’t scare us like that, Nick!”