‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Furious Over Controversial ‘Mispronounced’ Answer

by Sean Griffin

In Wheel of Fortune, precision is key. On Twitter, fans of the long-running game show know this. They are notorious sticklers for correct pronunciation and spellings.

On a recent episode, one contestant mispronounced a word. However, they still received the correct answer. Fans on Twitter were quick to note the error.

On the episode, the contestant answered “quality craftmanship” (missing an ‘s’) instead of “quality craftsmanship.” Casual viewers might think this is a minor slip-up. However, long-time Wheel of Fortune viewers know that subtle mispronunciations normally disqualify the answer.

So, fans were upset when the contestant earned $9,000 without being corrected for the error. Fans had all sorts of takes on the oversight.

One Twitter user wrote, “Okay. What happened? The contestant pronounced it “craftmanship” and it was considered correct? Was it not caught or what?”

Another user commented about how getting upset over a small mispronunciation seemed ridiculous.

“Give me the lack of real problems of someone going on Twitter to complain about somebody winning a wheel of fortune clue while incorrectly pronouncing craftsmanship as craftmanship,” this fan commented.

Some users chimed in that the mistake could have resulted from a speech impediment. “God forbid any person with a speech impediment or lisp ever play this game…” another Twitter user wrote. “But craftmanship is not even a word. Therefore what he said or sounded like was correct.”

Other ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fan Reactions

Next, one user disagreed with the ruling. They wrote, “[Wheel of Fortune] last night Steven left out the s in craftsmanship… It’s the wrong word. Exactly why did he win? The other two should be brought back for another shot.”

Another man named @BillVerkuilen wrote, “#WheelOfFortune why was Steven’s response on ‘Quality Craftsmanship’ rules correct tonight?? He said ‘quality craftmanship’—without the ‘S’! That’s incorrect! Lisa deserves another $9k, as she would have got that on the next turn.”

Many viewers shared opposing views on the subject.

“[Wheel of Fortune] just cheated a lady out of a spot in the bonus round by counting as correct a mispronounced answer,” yet another user tweeted. “If you can’t add an “and” to a crossword, you can’t pronounce it wrong and get credit.”

“OMG!,” added another Wheel fan. “You must have the hearing of a bat! But what about the contestant who mispronounced “data”. She pronounced it as “day-tuh” instead of “dat-uh”. Oh, wait! Is it the other way around? Maybe the guy has a lisp? Try pronouncing “Craftsmanship” with the ‘th’ sound.”

Clearly, Wheel of Fortune viewers seem sharply divided on the issue. Some seem to think that the show should look past the mispronunciation. Some think that it wasn’t a mistake at all, and that the person may have a speech problem.

However, many other users disagree. They think that the mistake should have been corrected. Some think this aligns with the show’s history. Additionally, many users think the other players should have another shot. What are your thoughts? Take to Twitter to voice your opinions.