‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Lose It Over Video of Vanna White Wanting Nothing to Do With Pat Sajak on Vacation

by Megan Molseed

It seems there are two types of people when on vacation. Some people are just hoping to get away from it all, including their coworkers. Others, however, may actually miss the people they work with every day while on a scenic getaway.

The Latest Wheel Of Fortune Season May Have Come To An End, But The Game Show’s Co-Hosts Are Still Up To Some Hilarious Antics!

Recently, the host of the popular TV game show, Wheel of Fortune found himself snubbed by his cohost in a hilarious Instagram post. A few weeks ago, Wheel’s social correspondent Maggie Sajak shared a hilarious video of her and her father, Pat Sajak while on vacation. In the clip, Sajak is opening up about how much he misses his Wheel costar, Vanna White. A conversation that leads to a hilarious Insta moment, in the end!

Pat Sajak Discusses With His Daughter, Maggie, How Much He Misses His Wheel Cohost During A Family Vacation

In the recent Instagram post, Maggie Sajak sits side-by-side with her game show host father during a beach-side sunset supper. Maggie mentions that they are enjoying the sites on a “fun family vacation.”

However, Pat Sajak’s mind seems to be elsewhere. He mentions that he has had a lot of fun during the getaway, but he does miss his cohost.

“It has [been fun] and it’s been great being with the group,” Pat Sajak says in the Insta clip.

“But I have to admit, I miss my partner,” the Wheel of Fortune host says of his gameshow cohost.

“I miss Vanna,” he continues in the Insta snippet.

“We worked together a long, long time,” the host adds. “Forty years now. I wonder sometimes …”

At this point, Maggie catches sight of something off-camera…it was Vanna! However, when Maggie tries to let her famous father know that Vanna was right on that beach with him, she tip-toes past mouthing the word “no.”

“What’s the matter?” Pat asks Maggie during the hilarious clip. “Anyway, I do miss her.”

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Are Loving The Hilarious Vacation Insta Clip As Pat Sajak Misses Vanna

Fans were reacting to the hilarious Instagram post, some joking that they “couldn’t stop watching” the funny clip. And the comment section soon filled right up.

“Ha!!!” says one fan while adding three cry-laughing emojis.

“#GoVanna!” a fan writes.

Another fan starts their comment with a series of heart emojis and a few laughy faces noting that “she’s right [there].”

“Hilarious, Vanna just wants her own space,” another fan quips. “Whew close one.”