‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Are Questioning Vanna White’s Role on the Show

by Shelby Scott

Vanna White remains a crucial presence on Wheel of Fortune after making her debut on the game show in 1982. Now, as a stalwart on the TV show, fans have one major question about the letter-turner’s role. And that’s: why does she still continue to feature on Wheel of Fortune?

Per Looper, Wheel of Fortune definitely has the technology, not to mention the financial means, to hand over Vanna White’s letter-turning duties to a computer. However, fans, taking to the show’s official subreddit, shared their reasons as to why Wheel of Fortune has not let go of White.

In speaking about Wheel of Fortune‘s budget and tech, one fan argued, “It’s not about if they CAN do it. Pat and Vanna ARE [Wheel of Fortune]. Decades of tradition (and high ratings) show that they are doing exactly what the people want.”

Of Vanna White herself, the same Reddit user wrote, “She purportedly makes over $10 million per year. They wouldn’t pay her that much if it didn’t make sense financially. The people want Pat AND Vanna.”

The discussion about Vanna White’s still seemingly crucial role began when one Wheel of Fortune fan inquired, “in today’s society where women are more than just show girls, is [Vanna White] really necessary anymore? Do you feel the game would be different if the letters just appeared rather than her going to activate[e] it?”

Another Wheel of Fortune fan argued that while the game show definitely has access to the technology to, essentially, get rid of Vanna White, her role makes the show feel more human.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Claim Pat Sajak ‘Babies’ Contestants Into Beating the Buzzer

At 65 years old, Vanna White is Wheel of Fortune‘s angel equivalent. Simultaneously, fans are often bothered by some of longtime host, Pat Sajak‘s, “annoying” habits. This time, fans are claiming that he often babies contestants into beating the buzzer for the right answer. And it’s left plenty of them bored and frustrated.

On Reddit, one fan wrote, “Does anybody else hate when Pat babies the contestants into not running out of time?”

Plenty of other Wheel of Fortune fans had their own grievances to share regarding this particular Pat Sajak habit.

“It just feels like he’s rushing them,” a second WOF fan said. “I understand people don’t like when contestants get buzzed out, but Pat telling them to hurry makes it worse.” Instead, they suggested incorporating a visible timer “like on Jeopardy.”

A third fan argued that instead of pushing Wheel of Fortune contestants toward the correct answers, Pat Sajak and game show producers should just let the buzzer ring out.

“I wish [Pat Sajak] just let [contestants] get buzzed out when they clearly don’t know it,” they said.