‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans React to Monday’s Game

by Sean Griffin

Wheel of Fortune, the popular game show hosted by Pat Sajak, was back on air tonight after a break over the weekend. Sajak recently appeared in a sweet post on his daughter’s Instagram page which can be viewed here.

Monday’s game of Wheel of Fortune sparked myriad reactions on Twitter. Fans took to the app to voice their opinions about the game and its contestants.

First, multiple users noted how the Wheel of Fortune guest intros were a sign of the times. All three contestants on the episode were realtors. One Twitter used reacted with a comment about the current housing bubble.

Another user tweeted a similar message. “How do you know the housing market is in a bubble? All 3 contestants in tonight’s Wheel of Fortune are realtors,” a user named @chestermoorfield wrote. One user responded to his post, saying, “people that want to buy a home see investors buying homes they wanted to buy…ergo investors decrease housing supply for potential homeowners.”

Another user wanted to voice their frustrations about the vagueness of a category. User named @supinejennings tweeted, “Hey, @WheelOfFortune, a ‘Verbal Exchange’ qualifying as a ‘Thing’ is a real stretch.”

While “Thing” is an admittedly non-specific category, other Twitter users thought this fan might be acting too meticulous. One user replied, “Let’s not be too pedantic!” Then, @supinejennings replied back, “True, but they stretch this category to its limits.”

However, news broke today in Pittsburgh about television rescheduling surrounding Wheel of Fortune. Continue reading to find out more.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans in Pittsburgh Are Not Happy

According to WPXI Channel 11 Pittsburgh, the two legendary game shows Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are switching time slots. The change now positions Wheel of Fortune‘s start time at 7:00 pm and Jeopardy!‘s start time at 7:30 pm. And based on the reactions from Pittsburgh residents on Twitter, fans of both shows are not happy with the change.

One user named @Neely711 tweeted, “@WPXI just announced they’re switching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I have to be a 730 Jeopardy watcher? What a crazy thing to make me [do] at this age.” Clearly, older fans who value their nighttime routines are upset.

Another Pittsburgh resident and Twitter user named @LucyLou412 wrote, “Oh my god they’re switching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy times on our local network and now I have to wait until 7:30 for Jeopardy?! I am LIVID.” Another user responded to her, saying “Wheel at 7. Jeopardy at 730. Been like this where I live for decades.” She replied back, “I have always watched J! at 7 and I am not happy.”

One final user tweeted a popular gif image of Meryl Streep yelling “boooo” to accompany their tweet. This user said, “@WPXI HOW CAN YOU FLIP JEOPARDY AND WHEEL OF FORTUNE? This is madness. Pure madness.”

While fans of both shows in Pittsburgh may have a hard time adjusting to the new times, the shows will still remain the same in every other way.