‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Ruthlessly Troll Contestants Over ‘Unbelievable’ Mistake

by Caitlin Berard

Watching Wheel of Fortune from the comfort of home, the answers can sometimes seem painfully obvious. For the contestants competing under the watchful eye of the studio audience and Pat Sajak himself, however, stress can overwhelm common sense. The high-pressure environment created in the studio makes giving a foolish answer an easy mistake to make, even for the most sharp-witted contestant.

On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, one such mistake was made. This one was particularly unfortunate, however, as it occurred not once but twice. During the first Toss Up game, the board was halfway full, and contestant Miranda was confident in the correct answer.

She guessed, “Splendid surprise,” which was not only incorrect but didn’t quite fit on the board. “Surprise” is an 8-letter word and there were only 7 letters available. “Noooo,” Pat Sajak responded. “Everybody else?”

It’s true that Miranda made a silly mistake. But it was nowhere near as thoughtless as the mistake Jeff was about to make. Mere seconds after Miranda’s incorrect guess, Jeff buzzed in. “Splendid surprise?” he guessed. With all the sarcasm he could muster, Pat Sajak replied, “Still not, no.”

While Miranda politely smiled to herself rather than laughing at the nonsensical response, the final contestant, Kevin, finally gave the right answer. “Splendid sunrise,” he said.

Wheel of Fortune fans, of course, were quick to tease the contestants about their blunders. “Pat Sajak openly hates this job at this point,” one fan wrote. “‘Still incorrect’. Thank you Pat, that was the perfect response,” another said.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Loses Hawaii Trip With ‘Careless Mistake’

Wheel of Fortune contestants Miranda and Jeff were no doubt embarrassed by their Toss Up mistakes, but they can rest easy knowing they’re far from the only players to make a careless mistake on the game show. Last month, another contestant faced the scorn of Wheel of Fortune fans when she lost her chance at both a Hawaiian vacation and a million dollars with an obviously incorrect answer.

Amy was so excited to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune that Pat Sajak eventually had to calm her down, giving her a moment to shake her hands and collect herself after she chose a letter already on the board.

“Such a careless mistake…losing the chance for a million and a trip to Hawaii by calling an existing letter…Amy,” one fan wrote. “Amy…omg. She really isn’t paying attention,” another said.

With a little help from Pat Sajak, Amy eventually pulled it together and beat the odds, overcoming her costly mistakes to win the game. While she missed out on some great prizes, Amy didn’t leave Wheel of Fortune empty-handed. The voice teacher from California walked away with $54,450 and a trip to Puerto Rico.