‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Slam ‘Awful’ Set Update: ‘It Looks Cheap’

by Tia Bailey

Wheel of Fortune is back for a new season soon, and they have a new update. The game-show changed up the set.

The popular game-show has been on since 1975, clocking in at 38 seasons. Season 39 is quickly approaching, and the set is receiving an update. However, it isn’t exactly what fans expected. According to the U.S. Sun, “Back in 1997, the board first decommissioned its treasured turn-able pieces and swapped them out for a collection of TV monitors, one per letter.”

However, now they have replaced it with a huge LED display, and fans of the show aren’t loving it. Co-host Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, shared an Instagram post letting fans know that they are back. In the video, Sajak says “It’s season 40!” and crew members say “We’re back!” The camera cuts to everyone involved as they say a variation of “we’re back” before cutting to host Pat Sajak where he says, “We’re back? Goodness!” as he runs onstage and rushes to put his jacket on. Maggie Sajak commented on the post from her own Instagram and said: “Have you heard? We’re back!”

The new set can be seen in the video. Buzzer Blog’s official Twitter tweeted: “OK honest opinion and I know it’s petty so I apologize. Am I alone in thinking it looks…cheap? Having a flat screen with no depth and or activity feels odd. It could be just this photo [above]. But it just feels a bit odd and cold.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ New Set Receives Lukewarm Reaction

Fans were quick to agree. “I’d like it better if it didn’t look like the old puzzle board, Just clear all the unwanted titles and have cool motion graphics or something,” one person replied. Buzzer Blog responded to this tweet, writing: “I think that’s my thing too, yeah. I don’t think they’d have lost anything if they didn’t try to mimic the bezel of a flat monitor. They could have done something else. Trying to mimic a flat screen TV on a flat screen makes it look…flat.”

Another wrote: “Nah, I totally agree. Obviously the original trilons shouldn’t come back but there should be some middle ground between the unique set pieces of old and the “just put everything on a giant monitor” mentality of modern game show sets, which the last 25 years’ board did quite well.”

Although some are not happy with this, others are willing to stick it out and give it a chance.

“I’ll reserve final judgment on it when I see it on TV. First thought is that they don’t have the font quite right and it looks JUST a little too much like a fan game. It looks smaller here than on the PVMs,” a Twitter user said.