‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Slam Pat Sajak for This ‘Annoying’ Habit

by Chris Piner

For over half of his life, television personality Pat Sajak has known one thing – Wheel of Fortune. First getting the job in 1981, Sajak wasn’t just at the right place at the right time. He spent years as a disc jockey and even a weatherman for KNBC. Luckily for Wheel of Fortune fans, Merv Griffin saw something special in Sajak. And with 38 seasons behind him, it appears Griffin was right. But throughout the years of Sajak hosting, dedicated fans of the game show noticed some interesting, and sometimes, irritating nuances he brings to Wheel of Fortune. While there is no denying the love for the host, some fans are calling him out for one certain tactic. 

Pat Sajak’s Habit That Drives Fans Wild

Posting a question to Reddit fans of the show, one user asked, “Does anybody else hate when Pat babies the contestants into not running out of time?” With each contestant getting a certain amount of time to present a letter, Pat Sajak usually helps them where he can. Although the host doesn’t do it all the time, there are enough examples to cause fans to notice. 

Other fans quickly chimed in, agreeing with the question. “It just feels like he’s rushing them. I understand people don’t like when contestants get buzzed out, but Pat telling them to hurry makes it worse. Maybe have a visible timer like on Jeopardy.”

One fan suggested Pat Sajak should let them buzz out.”Kinda, I wish he’d just let them get buzzed out when they clearly [don’t] know it.”

Drinking On The Job

Back in 2012, Pat Sajak did an interview with ESPN-2 about being a host of the show and his years as a DJ. Among all the questions the host entertained, he gave a rather interesting answer about drinking on the job. Sajak said, “We had a different show then: you didn’t win money, you won fake money with which you could buy cheesy prizes [a term he also used in an interview on #S-5000]. A turntable would go around, and housewives would say ‘uhh, for a hundred dollars I’ll have the lamp-no, I’ll have the’-it was the most boring two minutes in television. But because we had all those prizes, we had endless time between shows-our dinner breaks would be two and a half hours long while they drove in new cars and boats and gazebos and stuff.” 

Pat Sajak, dragging Vanna White with him, revealed, “In NBC in Burbank we had a place called Los Arcos across the street (which is Spanish, as you know, for ‘The Arcos’), and they served great margaritas. So Vanna and I would go across and have two or three or six and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet. They’re really good tapes to get hold of. … I had a great time. I have no idea if the shows were any good, but no one said anything so I guess I did okay.”