‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Spot Strange Detail About Show’s Clues

by Megan Molseed

Wheel of Fortune fans are starting to realize a strange detail about the popular television game show’s bonus round clues. These bizarre features, fans are noting, are showing up quite often in recent Wheel episodes – and it’s happening far too often, some note, to be a complete coincidence.

Recently, the popular game show hit an exciting milestone. Seven contestants this season have gone on to win the coveted $100,000 bonus round prize. However, when the most recent contestant hit this big prize, fans began to take note of one unusual phrase that seems to be repeating quite regularly on the Wheel puzzle board.

Wheel of Fortune Contestants Hit The Big Prize Seven Times In Just One Season

Recently, Wheel of Fortune player, Jinger found herself competing in the game show’s bonus round. She had a successful round solving the puzzle phrase “On The Bandwagon” before the timer could even start. This win made Jinger the seventh contestant to win the $100,000 bonus round prize in the show’s 39th season. The most the show has seen in its entire run.

However, some eagle-eyed Wheel fans began to notice a pattern with this win. In a recent Reddit post, the Wheel fan notes that the Wheel showrunners seem to really like this phrase. Or phrases similar to the one Jinger had just solved.

The Redditor points out past puzzles with a similar theme, one reading “on the bandwagon,” while another reads “Hop on the bandwagon.” Still another past Wheel of Fortune bonus round puzzle answer reads “Jumping on the bandwagon.”

“Calling ‘RIDING THE BANDWAGON’ next,” quips the Redditor in the post.

Jinger Makes A Quick Solve, Winning Show’s Top Prize In Bonus Round

When Wheel contestant, Jinger stepped onto the bonus round platform, the show’s host, Pat Sajak didn’t seem too sure that she had enough letters to finish the puzzle in time. As she called out her letter picks, it soon became clear that this would likely not be an easy play for the Wheel player.

“Well, um, the bad news is, none of the consonants are up there,” Pat Sajak says to Jinger just before the bonus round timer is set to start.

“Just those two O’s,” the Wheel of Fortune host adds. “I don’t know.” Sajak then suggests to Jinger that she may find it helpful to look at the letters that didn’t make it into the puzzle answer. However, Jinger didn’t need to do this. And, before the clock could even start, she blurted out the answer: “On the bandwagon!”

A major win for Jinger, for sure. When Pat revealed her bonus round prize, confetti began to fall from the ceiling as Jinger celebrated the win. Her total take-away that evening came to an impressive $133,555.