‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Are Ticked About a Season 39 Change

by Shelby Scott

As one of TV‘s most popular game shows, Wheel of Fortune and longtime host Pat Sajak, have faced much backlash. For weeks, Sajak has been throwing shade at contestants and fans alike, heading to Twitter to air his frequent grievances. Now though, viewers have directed their attention to Wheel of Fortune producers after lying about one season 39 change.

As per The Sun, Wheel of Fortune‘s producers promised, ahead of the game show’s 39th season, that fans would be treated to a special Wheel tournament. As to its format, fans expected it to be similar to Jeopardy!‘s annual Tournament of Champions. Now though, we’re nearing the conclusion of the show’s 39th season. And as such, fans are ticked that producers never followed up on their promise. And that’s even after sharing plans for a tournament ahead of the current season.

“We were promised a tournament in Season 39,” one fan declared. “And they decided not to do it after all even though they publicly announced it in promos and thought nobody would remember.”

The post was met with a lot of agreement, with aggravated fans sharing their grief in the comments.

“Wheel of Fortune deserves a special second chance week way more than Jeopardy! does,” another Wheel of Fortune fan claimed, “and yet that show is getting one before Wheel.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Faces More Backlash Amid Show’s Latest Fumble

Pat Sajak met with more complaints amid viewers’ annoyance with the game show. Among Wheel of Fortune producers’ Season 39 flub, fans of the game show pointed out Sajak’s distaste for any potential tournament.

“[T]he concept of having champions or tournaments on Wheel is always dismissed by Pat and others,” one game show fan pointed out. Another disgruntled viewer directed their aggravation at the host more directly. This fan highlighed an interesting conversation between the longtime host and his costar, Vanna White.

In speaking about tournaments hosted on international installments of Wheel of Fortune, Sajak explained, “They have an interesting format because every fourth episode, they have a final where the three winners of the previous shows play, and then they donate to charity.”

However, in another moment, he shuts the idea for his own show down, stating, “we’re not gonna do that.”

Fans Call for Pat Sajak’s Retirement After Snarky Comment

Wheel of Fortune is already in the hot seat after an apparent lie for Season 39. But now, the game show continues to draw negative attention with Pat Sajak directing snarky comments toward co-host Vanna White.

Most recently, he faced fans’ wrath when he, shockingly, rushed White on broadcast TV.

As the letter-turner went to reveal the correct letters during a round, Sajak, all of a sudden and boasting a humorous tone, said, “Could ya move a little faster?”

Immediately, fans came to Vanna’s defense.

“Pat Sajak just told Vanna White to hurry up,” one fan said. “You don’t get snotty with a national treasure.”