‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Turns Heads in ‘The Tropics’ Photos

by Joe Rutland

Maggie Sajak, who is the daughter of Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, decided to show off in a couple of photos on Wednesday. Maggie is quite active on the show as its Social Correspondent, which is her title in her Twitter bio. She has been a part of a couple of bits involving her father and Vanna White. We’ll mention those in a minute but right now, the focus is all on Maggie. Let’s take a look at those pictures that she did share.

Fans had a few comments after taking a look here. One writes, “You look fantastic in these pics, Maggie!!” Another one says, “My gosh such a stunning beauty absolutely gorgeous”. Another one states, “You’re absolutely gorgeous!” So, it’s looking like everything is coming up roses and sunshine for Maggie to these fans.

Maggie Sajak of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Gets In On The Action With Her Father, Vanna White

As we mentioned, she has been busy with her work on Twitter and Instagram, too. One bit had Pat and Vanna sitting in a golf cart with Maggie driving. They stopped for a minute and Pat would talk about being recognized by fans. Hey, they were on vacation and it’s like their time off was needed. After Pat sees some fans waving on the roadside, he and Vanna get out to visit.

What would lead these fans to know that they were in the cart? Maggie would go to the front of the cart and show off a Wheel of Fortune decal on there. Of course, seeing that decal gives up the gig. She didn’t have the heart to tell her own dad what was going on. It’s just one of the moments that allows Maggie to show off her own work.

But there was another spot, too. This one, again, features all three of them. Pat actually happens to be missing his “partner” Vanna at this moment. Maggie and Pat are shown to be sitting and talking with one another. As Pat talks about missing Vanna, Maggie is looking beyond his father. Well, we happen to get a look at Vanna walking behind Pat and waving her arms frantically. She’s saying, in a sense, to not mention that she’s around. Funny enough, we all see Vanna walking past Pat. Oh, Maggie doesn’t mention that Vanna is there at all. She keeps up the ruse. The whole bit was on Instagram for the world to see. It looks like Maggie is making herself right at home on the show. We hope to see a few more funny bits in the future on the show’s social media accounts.