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‘Wheel of Fortune’: How to Become a Contestant on the Iconic Game Show

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Wheel of Fortune fans often play along each night as contestants compete to solve some exciting puzzles for big prizes on the long-running crossword-style game show. It’s certainly not uncommon for fans at home to get worked up as a contestant has another near-miss with the “bankrupt” wedge, almost losing some major winnings.

And, let’s not forget all those moments we’ve spent shouting at our TV screens as the answer to the puzzle becomes clear to us at home, but the Wheel players are still not quite sure if they’re ready to make that final solve. But what about taking these skills to the big leagues? Stepping up to the actual Wheel in person, to compete on the popular game show for real?

Recently, Wheel of Fortune’s social media expert, Maggie Sajak shared a Wheel Twitter post; directing fans of the hit game show on how to become real-life contestants. And, the official website is making it easier than ever. Sharing the post with a few simple “down” arrows, Maggie Sajak quote tweeted a Wheel post. Showing us how much a player can win while competing on Wheel of Fortune.

In the May 12 post, the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page shares the moment one contestant became a big winner on the popular game show. And, notes the tweet, anyone can have the opportunity for the same good luck!

“Mike auditioned for Wheel and now he’s got $100K,” the Wheel of Fortune Twitter post says; directing fans to the website. “Become a contestant: http://wheeloffortune.com/join/be-a-contestant,” the post adds.

Here’s Your Chance to Bring Home Some Big Prizes Competing on Wheel of Fortune

Just one click on the link included in the post takes fans to a fairly simple application. By entering simple information such as your name, date of birth, home address, and email fans of the show can make their move from living room contestants to real-life game show contestants.

“Appearing on Wheel of Fortune could change your life,” the website notes. “Here’s how to get a chance at a contestant audition and Big Money!”

Of course, like any game show of its kind, Wheel showrunners like to see some players with an exciting television presence step onto the stage. And the application process lets anyone show off their shining personalities!

“Fill out the application below, and submit a photo and, if you’d like, a video of one minute or less telling us why you’d make a great contestant,” the application notes.

“Videos aren’t required, but we love to see them!” the website adds.