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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Here’s How Many Contestants Have Actually Won $1 Million

by Megan Molseed
pat sajak vanna white wheel of fortune set(Photo by Brian Ach/WireImage)
(Photo by Brian Ach/WireImage)

Wheel of Fortune is one of TV’s most long-running game shows of all time. During its very successful run over the several decades, Wheel Of Fortune has brought some big wins to hundreds of players who have stepped up for their turn at the iconic wheel. However, there have been a few lucky Wheel of Fortune contestants who scored even bigger than the average player, snagging one million dollar jackpots during their reign on the wildly popular game show.

According to an update from TVInsider, there have been three Wheel Of Fortune contestants that have scored this top prize on the game show since 2008. These contestants are Michelle Lowenstein, Autumn Erhard, and Sarah Manchester, TVInsider reports.

Scoring The Biggest Prize On Wheel Of Fortune Is Never An Easy Task

Winning this top million dollar prize on Wheel Of Fortune isn’t an easy task. The popular game show certainly makes their players work for the opportunity to become a millionaire. First, the legendary Wheel Of Fortune wheel must land on the million-dollar wedge. Next, the contestant whose spin lands on the wedge then needs to win the puzzle in play.

Finally, if all of these pieces come together just right, the million-dollar prize option is added to the bonus wheel. Contestants must then spin this bonus wheel during the game’s finalist round. This spin must, once again, land on the million-dollar wedge for the prize in order for the prize to even be an option in this round. Then, the player needs to correctly solve the bonus round puzzle in order to score the massive prize.

So Close…But Not Close Enough

With so many steps in the journey to one million dollars on Wheel Of Fortune, it’s easy for players to get close to the big payday only to fall short along the way. However, one contestant got incredibly close to a huge payday. This contestant lost the million-dollar prize after a not-so-ideal word choice causes the player to lose the bonus round.

The Wheel contestant made it all the way to the bonus round with the million-dollar wedge…and the bonus spin landed on this lucky wedge. However, the player failed to solve the puzzle correctly…even after getting mind-blowingly close to the correct answer, per TVInsider.

The category chosen for this bonus round was Food & Drink…the contestant made the guess, “Fried Zucchini”. However, in an unbelievable turn of events, the contestant and the audience members were shocked when the true answer, “Baked Zucchini” was ultimately revealed.