‘Wheel of Fortune’ Legend Vanna White Wishes Her Daughter Happy Birthday in Sweet Post

by Joe Rutland

Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White might be on vacation right now but that didn’t keep her from wishing her daughter Gigi a Happy Birthday. As you can tell from White’s post on Twitter, Gigi turned 25 years old on Friday. She is one of her two children from her marriage to George San Pietro. Well, let’s take a look and see what Vanna is saying to her daughter.

Fans were filling up the comments section with a lot of well-wishes and their own celebratory words. One writes, “Happy Birthday Gigi May all your wishes and dreams come true.” Another says, “Happy Birthday beautiful Gigi. I think all we mothers feel that way about our precious daughters, and granddaughters too!” Such tender sentiments toward Gigi on a Friday night.

Vanna White of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Has Funny Moment With Pat Sajak

As we said, Vanna is on vacation now and she happens to be hanging out with her good friend, Pat Sajak. We know that you get a chance to see them on Wheel of Fortune pretty much every night. Generations of TV watchers have been glued to their sets watching Pat and Vanna for years. It kind of provides some comfort for viewers whose lives might be a little stressful. So, while they are on vacation, it doesn’t mean that they are out of the public eye.

Far from it. We all got a little chuckle out of one bit they pulled off with the help of Maggie Sajak, Pat’s daughter, and the show’s Social Correspondent. They all were out for a ride in a golf cart. Pat made the comment that it’s great to see their fans come out and say hello. In fact, some were waving nearby and Pat and Vanna jumped out to go visit them.

What a great touch for these two television superstars to do, right? But there was a catch to this that they didn’t know about. As it turns out, Maggie had made sure that a Wheel of Fortune decal was firmly on the front of the cart. People could tell right when the cart with Pat and Vanna were coming up to them. It all made for a funny video scene and provided laughs, too. Speaking of Pat Sajak, he was looking forward to winning a Daytime Emmy Award but it didn’t happen. Hey, he even was the proud owner of two nominations in the same category. But it was no dice for him. Sajak just keeps on trucking on the game show. He also stays busy by commenting on social media about different things that come to mind. Fret not, though. He and Vanna are coming back after their vacation time away.