‘Wheel of Fortune’s Maggie Sajak Shares Behind-the-Scenes Video With the Crew: ‘We’re Back’

by Tia Bailey

Maggie Sajak of Wheel of Fortune appeared in a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram. She shared that the show is coming back soon.

The official Wheel of Fortune Instagram shared the video captioned: “Tell everybody! #wereback #wheeloffortune.”

In the video, Sajak says “It’s season 40!” and crew members say “We’re back!” The camera cuts to everyone involved as they say a variation of “we’re back” before cutting to host Pat Sajak where he says, “We’re back? Goodness!” as he runs onstage and rushes to put his jacket on. Maggie Sajak commented on the post from her own Instagram and said: “Have you heard? We’re back!”

Fans loved the funny announcement, commenting mostly on Pat’s joke.

Sajak has shared photos with her father ahead of season 40 recently. Just last week, she posted the two of them standing on the set of the show with the caption: “Yes, we do carpool together. Don’t miss the premiere of Season 40 of @wheeloffortune on September 12th!”

Fans are excited for the new season of the classic gameshow.

One fan wrote: “Can’t wait for season 40 to premiere.” Another said: “Show us the new puzzle board, Maggie!”

Hostess Vanna White also appeared in the “We’re back” video. Sajak revealed a few years ago that he was initially skeptical of White’s gameshow skills.

‘Wheel of Fortune’s’Pat Sajak Shared He Was Initially Unsure of Vanna White

Sajak appeared on CBS Sunday Morning in 2020, and he shared why.

“I didn’t recommend Vanna, and Vanna knows this,” Sajak said. “Not that she wasn’t lovely and wonderful and personable, all that, but she was the most nervous by far of any of them.”

Although Sajak was skeptical at first, the creator of the show, Merv Griffin, saw something the Sajak and her as a pairing, and made the decision to have her on the show. Fans are very thankful for this, because Vanna and Sajak are classic co-hosts, and have great chemistry.

White had shared that she knew she “made it” when seeing herself on the cover of a magazine after.

While in between seasons, the official Twitter account for Wheel of Fortune has been keeping fans entertained. Just a few days ago, they brought the cuteness to their page on International Dog Day with puppy pictures. They captioned the tweet: “Does your pet enjoy watching Wheel like these good dogs? #InternationalDogDay.”

They also posted a teaser for the season, writing: “Are you ready to win? Season 40 starts September 12.”

Fans responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” One fan responded: “From Sony Pictures Studios, celebrating 40 Years, it’s America’s Game…WHEEL OF FORTUNE!”

Another said: “Congratulations on 40 years and going strong.”

The fan-favorite competition gameshow will premiere on September 12 on CBS.