‘Wheel of Fortune’s Maggie Sajak Hints at ‘Big Things’ Coming Soon

by Joe Rutland

Fans of Wheel of Fortune are used to seeing Maggie Sajak as part of the famed game show but she’s also Pat Sajak‘s daughter. On Thursday, Maggie decided to head out on Twitter and share a photo. It looks like there is some production work taking place on Wheel of Fortune.

Maggie, who is the show’s Social Correspondent, is letting fans take a look behind the curtain if you will. Notice her note? She mentions that “Big things happening soon” and we are all ready for them. What are they, though? Well, we don’t know specifically. Maggie just decided to drop a cryptic message along with this photo.

What we do know is that the game show will be coming back for yet another season with Pat and Vanna White on board. It’s always cool to see contestants take a shot on the big wheel and come up as a winner. Everyone who watches the show does take a guess at the puzzle, too. Sometimes, viewers might get the answer before the contestant. With this photo from Maggie, though, we get a little inside scoop that production is picking up. Viewers will get excited over seeing this action taking place.

Fans Make Their Thoughts Known With ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Picture

Fans were quite interested in the comments section about what was going on in this picture. Some of them wanted to know when audiences would be able to return. Obviously, precautions have been taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But some shows are allowing people to come on back and enjoy being in their audiences once again.

Another fan pointed out that we might be looking at a set from Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. You can catch that show when it comes on ABC during the primetime hours. This fan had some thoughts about what we were actually seeing in the photo. “Ooh, it looks like you’ve darkened the bright blue background from last season, which would be nice,” this Wheel of Fortune watcher wrote. “For some reason, it was really hard on the eyes.”

We will all have to just sit and see what is going on with these “Big things” taking place. One thing that Maggie has done is stay busy on the show’s social media channels. Like other people, Pat and Vanna do need a break from their filming work at times. A while back, we managed to see Maggie and Pat sitting at a table on vacation. He was telling her how much he was missing Vanna at the time. Well, while Pat is talking to Maggie, we get a look at Vanna playfully walking behind Pat while waving her arms back and forth.