‘Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak Marks Historic Season with ‘Special Recognition’ Video

by Megan Molseed

Wheel of Fortune fans have witnessed a historic season recently, as multiple contestants have racked up some major wins. And the game show’s Social Correspondent Maggie Sajak – and the Wheel Instagram page – note that this deserves some Wheel of Fortune “special recognition.”

Recently, the Wheel of Fortune Instagram page shared a video featuring the popular game show’s social correspondent – and her fluffy buddy Jack – as they acknowledged this impressive season.

“WHEEL HISTORY: We’ve had 7 $100,000 Bonus Round winners in 1 season!” the Wheel of Fortune Instagram page shares.

Then, the message calls in Maggie Sajak to give these winners some special recognition. “@maggiesajak, we think some special recognition is in order!” the post adds. And boy does she deliver!

“What an incredible season it’s been!” Maggie Sajak exclaims in the Tuesday Instagram post.

“Seven $100,000 Bonus Round winners,” the Wheel social correspondent announces in the May 31 video.

“The most ever!” Sajak adds. “And, three of them on consecutive nights!”

Maggie Sajak Acknowledges Each Of This Season’s Wheel Of Fortune $100,000 Winners

First, Maggie Sajak looks back at this season’s first Wheel $100,000 winner, Ilene. The video cuts to Ilene solving the Bonus Round puzzle, which is categorized as “Around the House.” The answer? “Quilted Bedspread!” Ilene happily announces. Then, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak reveals Ilene’s impressive winning amount.

Next, we have Lisa, whose big $100,000 Bonus Round solve for “Living Things” which reads “Vultures Overhead.” Additionally, Lisa is the first of three players in a row to win this coveted Wheel of Fortune prize.

Following Lisa is Mark, whose Bonus Round Solve “A Quick Flight” earned him the top prize. The second one in a row for Wheel that week. The third $100,000 win during this hot streak came in the next episode when Bree solves for the phrase “Just You Wait.”

Now, Maggie Sajak does note at this point, that the popular classic television gameshow did not reach four $100,000 winners in a row. However, the big moments were far from over!

Three More Contestants Get $100,000 Richer After Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round

Next, Wheel of Fortune contestant Chanelle tells Pat Sajak what she’s “doing” when she solves the clue “what are you doing.” “Packing My Gym Bag,” the contestant exclaims. Of course, Chanelle is pleased with her win. But she soon finds out that this Bonus Round is extra special, as Pat reveals she has scored the $100,000 prize. Next, Mike gets the $100,000 prize for his solve.

This contestant made history by getting a little creative with his celebrations. The Wheel of Fortune winner plopped onto the ground, making angels out of the celebratory confetti raining over the winner.

Finally, Jinger solves the “phrase” “On The Bandwagon.” Her puzzle solve was swift and impressive for the hosts, as well as those watching at home. Then, Pat Sajak reveals her $100,000 prize card; making Jinger yet another one of the season’s $100,000 winners on Wheel of Fortune.