‘Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak Shares New Pic With Dad Pat Sajak Ahead of Season 40

by Joe Rutland

Well, it is quite interesting to see Maggie Sajak of Wheel of Fortune standing next to her father and longtime host, Pat Sajak. We get a chance to see them together in this new post from Maggie’s Twitter account. Apparently, the two manage to grab a carpool together to the studio. Maybe that’s true or simply a conversation starter. Yes, in case you were wondering, fans were loving seeing Maggie and Pat together.

In case you did not know, then Maggie is the show’s Social Correspondent. She does a good job of keeping the show active on different social media accounts. Of course, she pops up on the show occasionally. Yet she really does not take the place of Vanna White. Hey, who in the world can take her place? Nobody. Nope. Not even Pat’s daughter.

Still, all three of these people manage to work together quite well. Recently, Pat and Vanna were on vacation for a bit. They needed a break from the workload that they carry. Well, the two happened to get away for some time. But Maggie happened to join them along for the ride.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Goes On The Road Without Pat or Vanna

In one situation, we found Pat and Maggie sitting together and talking about things. Pat was wondering where Vanna was at one time while sitting across from Maggie at a table. We soon find out that Maggie and Vanna are pulling a fast one on dear old Dad. While he wonders about where Vanna is and sits with his back turned to her, she walks behind him waving her arms. She is, in a way, telling Maggie not to say a word about her walking behind Pat at all. Let it be just their kind of secret at the time. It is quite a funny thing to see.

Meanwhile, fans of the long-running game show will have a chance to see it played live. That’s right. Wheel of Fortune LIVE! will visit some cities in the United States. Before getting too far ahead of yourself, though, maybe you’d like to know this little factoid. Pat and Vanna will not be there.

They happen to still be busy taping their shows. Here’s what Pat wrote on social media to these beloved fans. “I want to make it clear that Vanna and I are not involved in any way with the Wheel of Fortune Live roadshow touring the country this fall,” Sajak would write. “Sony has partnered with an outside company, and you must buy tickets to attend. We just don’t want anyone to be disappointed. Caveat emptor.”