‘Wheel of Fortune’ Makes Major New Announcement About Free Streaming

by Megan Molseed

Recently, Netflix announced that it will no longer be offering the iconic game show Wheel of Fortune within the streaming libraries. However, the game show’s recent Insta post notes that fans who want to catch classic (or recent) episodes can still do this at any time. Now, they are available on Pluto TV.

Early this week, The Wheel of Fortune’s Instagram page shared with fans how they can watch the popular game show “ALL THE TIME.”

“Ready to watch Wheel ALL THE TIME?” the Insta post inquires in the Monday message. This note is followed by a “pair of eyes” emoji.

Classic episodes are now streaming free,” the message continues. “Exclusively on @plutotv,” the Insta post continues, adding that fans can access PlutoTv using the link in the Instagram bio.

PlutoTV Is Bringing Us Non-Stop Airing Of Two Of The Most Iconic TV Game Shows

It’s no doubt that Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are two of the most iconic game shows on TV. After all, they are also the longest-running gameshows that have remained on the air over the last several decades.

Now, Pluto TV has announced the two new channels that are solely revolving around both Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.

“Want to watch [Wheel] RIGHT NOW? a recent Wheel of Fortune Twitter post inquires. “No problem. Classic episodes are now streaming on @PlutoTV,” the message adds, closing with a Link to the PlutoTV streaming service.

Amy Kuessner, a Senior VP of Content Strategy & Global Partnerships at Paramount Streaming, notes in a statement that this partnership is a great addition to the streaming service.

“Pluto TV prides itself on offering a wide array of free streaming entertainment, across movies and television, sports, news, and more that audiences love,” the VP notes. Kuessner adds that game shows are “known for their spirited, feel-good, evergreen programming.

And, the statement notes, these particular shows have “distinguished themselves early on as fan-favorites amongst our viewers.”

New PlutoTV Wheel Of Fortune Schedule Part Of Sony Pictures Partnership

A newly formed partnership with Sony Pictures has given PlutoTV the rights to hundreds of Wheel of Fortune episodes. The show is led by hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White. More than 200 episodes are available on the streaming service for viewers to watch.

This, of course, means that fans of the iconic long-running game show have some pretty impressive access to the episode catalog. Including some of the craziest moments in Wheel of Fortune history! As well as some of the biggest wins we have seen during the show’s 40 years on TV.