‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Helps Contestant Calm Down After ‘Careless’ Mistake

by Megan Molseed

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has no doubt seen it all during his run as host of the iconic game show. And, just recently, the Wheel of Fortune host saw one contestant make a mistake that could have cost her the game. And, his response was nothing but pure compassion.

Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Shows His Compassionate Side After One Contestant Makes A Costly Mistake

During a recent episode of the popular television game show, one contestant named Amy was understandably excited about her appearance on the iconic Wheel stage. However, Amy’s nerves likely led the game show contestant to make some careless mistakes. One of which ended up costing her a trip to Hawaii.

After taking making one spin on the Wheel, during the recent episode, Amy lost out on her turn when she guessed a letter that had already been revealed on the board. As soon as Amy realized her gaffe, she began to get flustered. So much so that Sajak stepped in to calm the contestant down. He tells her to “shake her hands,” and take a moment to “collect” herself.

Sajak’s Sage Advice Calms Contestant Enough To Move On To the Bonus Round

Amy’s journey to get to the Wheel bonus round wasn’t an easy one. However, all of the tension pays off in the end for the Wheel of Fortune contestant. After solving the bonus round puzzle, Amy wins an extra $39,000, making her total Wheel winnings $54,450. Perhaps all she needed was a little pep-talk from the longtime game show host!

Pat Sajak Selects A Springy Bouquet For Wheel of Fortune Cohost

Pat Sajak may have shown a compassionate side, calming one contestant down during the recent Wheel of Fortune episode. However, this wasn’t his first grand gesture of the week! Earlier, Pat Sajak decided he would do something he has never done in his decades hosting the show…present his cohost, Vanna White with a bouquet of flowers.

“Pat has NEVER done this before,” the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page notes in a May 17 tweet.

The post features a sweet moment as Pat and Vanna are saying goodbye to their viewers for the night. All of a sudden, Sajak decides he is going to gather some blooms for his letter-turning cohost. The brief GIF shows Sajak walking over to a bouquet of flowers adorning the set. He then plucks a couple from the pot and walks back over, handing the blooms to Vanna.

Maybe it was the springtime weather starting to emerge all over the country. Or, maybe it was simply the beautiful blooms he saw on the set. Whatever it is, Pat Sajak was certainly a sweet moment as the Wheel host was moved to pick some yellow buds for his longtime cohost.