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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Remember When Pat Sajak Turned the Letters Instead of Vanna White?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have pretty well-defined roles on Wheel of Fortune but what would it look like if they switched up? They actually did for a brief moment back in 1996. In the clip below from the show’s Instagram account, we get highlights of this happening. It was in a bonus round of an episode and Sajak takes to his “new” role instantly. If you listen close enough, then you can hear Vanna cheering him on a bit. This is a solid wayback Wednesday flashback for the show’s longtime fans.

As you know, Vanna is the letter-turner and Pat is the host. You can tell that Pat was really getting into his brief role on the show. Imagine, though, if these two did it for a week. I don’t know if Wheel of Fortune viewers would really dig seeing them in different spots over a stretch of episodes.

Contestants Just Love That Bonus Round on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Now the show has been one of the most successful in syndicated TV history. Contestants earn a chance at the coveted bonus round. Much like the contestant above, winning that bonus game is definitely a sweet addition to their victory. Prizes like trips and cars make popping up on the show all the more fun.

One place where Sajak finds time to share some insights with the world is on Twitter. He’ll offer some commentary on things ranging from the show to even Elon Musk. Recently, he spoke out over Musk’s offer to buy Twitter. “Sold a bunch of vowels I’d been stockpiling. Willing to throw in with @elonmusk if the extra dough would help.” We have not heard back from the Tesla company owner about Pat’s generous offer. We’ll let you know if Elon takes up our resident vowel owner for some support.

Don’t Mind Pat Sajak, He’s Just Getting Set For Retirement Years

It appears that Pat is getting ready for his retirement years, too. Why is this on his mind? We don’t know but it could be that Sajak is simply making preparations. He tweets: “I finally have a plan for my retirement years. I’m becoming a convenience store hold-up man. Police: “What did he look like?” Clerk: “Well, he looked exactly like Pat Sajak!” So they’ll be looking for someone who looks like me. It’s perfect!”

Well, that’s a good plan there Pat. He and Vanna have quite a sweet working schedule, too. They work two Thursdays and Fridays per month, taping six shows each day. This then gives the stars time to do other things in their lives.