‘Wheel of Fortune’: Sixth Contestant Wins $100,000 This Season

by Leanne Stahulak

“Wheel of Fortune” has a hot streak of winning contestants this season, with six people already taking home that $100,000 prize.

The game show’s official Twitter account shared another $100,000 winner from earlier this week. Mike, who made it to the Bonus Round, faced the category “What Are You Doing?” and only earned one letter to help him solve the puzzle. But that one letter was all he needed. After a moment, you can see the realization come over his face and Mike grins broadly, telling host Pat Sajak, “Let’s go!”

“Oh, he seems confident,” Sajak commented before starting the 10-second timer. Immediately, Mike answered, “Parting Ways.”

“That’s all you needed,” Sajak said, as Mike pumped his fist and jumped around a bit. Sajak looked at the prize in his hand and then asked Mike, “So, if you could have any prize what would you take?”

Mike spread his arms and said, “100,000?”

In a hilarious deadpan voice, Sajak answered, “Okay,” and turned the prize card around. Mike whooped and started jumping up and down with his hands in the air. As the confetti burst from the ceiling, he lay down on the floor and started doing snow angels on it.

The “Wheel of Fortune” contestant ended up walking away with $122,903. Not too shabby at all. The show’s Twitter account celebrated Mike’s big win as well as the five other contestants who won big money this season.

“Count ’em,” the caption began, followed by six confetti emojis. “[Six] $100,000 winners this season!”

It’s an unprecedented number, but clearly, these contestants have the right touch on the Wheel.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Celebrates Double Emmy Nomination

Earlier this week, the Daytime Emmy Award nominations were announced. And in a miraculous turn of events, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak was nominated twice in the same category. Apparently, his hosting job on “Wheel of Fortune” and “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” earned him two spots in the Outstanding Game Show Host category.

After the nominations were announced, Sajak took to both his personal and professional Twitter to celebrate. And hilariously troll people about the double nominations.

On his personal account, Sajak quipped, “The last time I won an Emmy was in the previous millennium. Today, thanks to some convoluted rules, I was nominated twice in the same category. Therefore, votes will be split and I can’t possibly win. So my fabulous speech—warning of the dangers of Y2K—will go back in the drawer.”

Sajak continued the line of thinking about speeches on his professional account. “Quick question on my two Emmy nominations in the same category: If I tie with myself, do I get to make two speeches?”

It’s tough to say, Pat. But for your sake, we really hope you get to.