‘Wheel of Fortune’ Stars Pat Sajak and Vanna White Mix It Up with Fans on Vacation

by Joe Rutland

Anyone who watches Wheel of Fortune probably knows that Pat Sajak and Vanna White do love to hear from their fans all the time. Would you believe that’s even true when it comes to them being on vacation? See, Pat and Vanna are enjoying some time away from the studio right now.

We don’t blame them as they do work to make Wheel of Fortune a lot of fun to watch. While they are on vacation, Pat’s daughter Maggie Sajak also is along for the ride. We get a chance to see all three together as Maggie is driving them around in a golf cart. As you can see, Pat and Vanna decide to leave the cart and go see some of their fans.

Why not, right? But there is a catch and we are not going to tell you about it. You have to see it for yourself. No, Pat and Vanna have no clue about what’s drawing these fans to wave at them. It’s pretty funny, though, and Maggie, who is the show’s Social Correspondent according to her Twitter bio, shows us what is going on here.

Fan of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Tosses Out Idea To Have Their Own Golf Cart Decal

Yeah, that decal gives it away. One fan has a great idea and pitches it in the comments. “Can we get WOF car/golf cart decals on the online shop, please?” this person writes. That sounds like an excellent idea for the Wheel of Fortune people to come up with right now. Imagine fans getting one, putting it on their golf carts, and letting others know they love the show.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been on there a long time. But they were not the original hosts at all. For a little trivia, who was the first host? Nope, it was not the show creator Merv Griffin although that would be a good guess. Griffin was a familiar face to many TV viewers.

Yet, the honor of being the first host would go to Chuck Woolery. He was on there between 1975-81. Others know Woolery from his time as the original host on Love Connection, too. Still, fans of the Wheel are just really invested in seeing Pat and Vanna. They are familiar faces who show up pretty much every day on their TV sets. Speaking of work, just how much do the hosts work during a week? Surprisingly, not that much. See, they show up in the morning and head to makeup. Three shows get taped, then comes a lunch break. That’s followed by three more shows taped in the afternoon/evening. It’s not a bad gig when you look at their workflow if you will.