‘Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White Gave ‘Home Town’ Stars Ben and Erin Napier’s Daughter a Sweet Gift

by Taylor Cunningham

Home Town stars Ben and Erin Napier have made friends in high places thanks to their enviable renovation talents. But the humble reality stars were still shocked when Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White thought of them after the birth of their second child.

Shortly after Mae—now one—was born, White personally made the newborn a bright pastel blanket and shipped it off to the Napier’s Laurel, MS, home.

Star-struck Erin then posted a photo of the homemade gift on her Instagram stories. And Country Living caught it in a screenshot.

“Made especially for you by Vanna White.” reads the blanket.

Erin also noted that the blanket was especially sacred to her husband. Because as a child, the Wheel of Fortune letter spinner was his first crush.

Erin Napier Penned A Children’s Book For Her two Daughters

Over a year later, little Mae has outgrown her special gift. But knowing how sweetly sentimental Erin Napier is, she likely saved the blanket for her to enjoy as an adult. And Mae’s mom also went on to add another special treasure for her and her sister Helen to cherish for years to come.

In May, Erin released a children’s book titled Lantern House, which was inspired by her own daughters.

The story tells the tale of a living house that watches families grow and move over the course of many decades.

“A young family builds a picket fence and plants flowers in its yard. Children climb the magnolia tree and play the piano in the living room,” Erin Napier’s blog shares. “And there is music inside the house for many happy years.”

But as the house grows old, people forget it. And its “paint starts to crumble, and its boards creak in the winter wind.”

However, a family, much like the Napiers, finds the home and returns it to its former beauty. And once again, the living house feels loved.

While it’s obvious that Erin’s passions for vintage homes and restorations came into play while penning the words, her daughters were who she had in mind as she wrote Lantern House. And the same was true for the book’s illustrator, Adam Trest.

“Adam and both live in old houses, and we both have two little girls,” she shared with People. “We just thought it would be wonderful if we wrote a book for our girls and that’s where it began.”

She also got a little inspiration from their family home, which was built in 1925, and the opening montage of Disney’s Up.

“Honestly, I sat down and I wrote that in 30 minutes, the rough [draft],” she admitted. “It just came very easily to me to tell this story because it’s a story that I’ve seen a million times in the work we do on Home Town.”