‘Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White Posts Adorable Then vs. Now Photos With Her Kids to Celebrate Mother’s Day

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White finds herself in a celebratory mood on Mother’s Day by sharing a sweet throwback photo. White has two children, Giovana and Nicholas, from her marriage to George Santo Pietro. People can see her still at the letters board on the famed game show along with Pat Sajak. Today, though, we let Vanna honor moms and take time to celebrate her children, too.

Many well-wishes also were shared from her social media followers, too. My, how her children have grown up indeed. White keeps herself looking forever young and it looks like she’ll be around on Wheel of Fortune a bit longer. She and Sajak recently signed new deals that will allow them to work a couple of more years. Are they retiring soon? Probably not. Both of them seem to love doing the show still all these years later.

Work Schedule For ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Provides Plenty of Time Off

Of course, they both have a pretty sweet working schedule. All these years together make putting Wheel of Fortune on the air a little bit easier. Still, it’s work. Vanna and Pat show up two Thursdays and Fridays per month. They will tape three shows in the mornings, then take a lunch break. Three more shows are taped afterward for six in one day. Put these days all together and you get 24 shows per month. They are backed up to previously taped episodes and there are enough to fill into week after week on the air. That’s a pretty rad work schedule right there.

Speaking of her work, White admits that she still loves starring on it after 39 years. “We absolutely love it,” White says of her and Sajak. “We love coming to work. We’ve worked with all the staff and crew here so long.”

Viewers Tune In Religiously To Watch Pat, Vanna Play The Game

People all over America find themselves sitting in front of their TV sets at night. When they do, millions of them will watch Pat and Vanna White. They’ve become synonymous with syndicated TV shows. Because people enjoy Wheel of Fortune and its contestants, they keep tuning in night after night. Maybe some of them like to check out Vanna’s shoes. How in the world does she keep her feet in good condition while wearing heels? She wears slippers when not in them. Which heels are easiest on her feet?

“The ones that have platforms in the front,” she said back in a 2018 interview. “Guess makes good ones. They’re high heels, but they have a 2-inch platform in the front, so it’s almost like you’re walking on 3-inch heels and not 5-inch heels. I probably have more Guess shoes than any other.”