‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Reveals First Look at One of Her Season 40 Dresses

by Craig Garrett

Vanna White showed off some of her upcoming dresses for season 40 of Wheel of Fortune on her official Twitter. The image shows White getting some adjustments in a red and black sleeveless gown as she grins. “Season 40 begins on Monday, Sept 12! Tune in!” she captions the image.

Vanna White has been a part of the Wheel of Fortune team since 1982, so she’s had to wear quite a bit of clothing throughout her career. Dresses from White have garnered a loyal following. On the Wheel of Fortune website, there is a video slideshow of White’s outfits and a vote option for fans to select their favorite dress.

A Pinterest page exists that captures all of Vanna White’s looks. According to the Wheel of Fortune website, she has worn over 7,000 dresses during her time on the show. In a posted video on the website, White explains her process of choosing dresses for the show.

“Before tape day we have a wardrobe fitting where I try on probably 50 dresses and then the day of we’ll see what the theme is,” White told interviewer Maggie Sajak. After learning how many episodes they’ll be taping that day, her stylist sets up all of her dresses in her dressing room. What happens to the gowns after they’ve been worn on the show? They aren’t hers to keep, according to Vanna White. “I don’t get to keep them, unfortunately. Designers let me borrow them, and then they take them back,” White explains in the video.

Vanna White wasn’t the first cohost on Wheel of Fortune

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have become a hallmark of television. The pair have helped to make Wheel of Fortune one of the most famous and iconic gameshows of all time. However, the dynamic tv duo didn’t instantly have chemistry.

Initially, Pat Sajak didn’t have much faith in Vanna White as a possible co-host for Wheel of Fortune. Susan Stafford leaving the show brought about an audition process to find her replacement. In the end, White got the job… even though she hadn’t made a great impression on Sajak. “I didn’t recommend Vanna, and Vanna knows this,” Sajak told CBS Sunday Morning in 2020. “Not that she wasn’t lovely and wonderful and personable, all that, but she was the most nervous by far of any of them.”

Initially, Sajak was unimpressed by Vanna White. However, Wheel of Fortune creator Merv Griffin saw potential in her. He also took note of the sibling-style chemistry between her and Sajak. The decision to make her a co-host proved correct when “Vannamania” swept the nation. White herself soon realized she’d made it when she saw a picture of herself on the cover of Newsweek magazine.