‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Reveals Her All-Time Favorite Moments From Show

by Shelby Scott

Vanna White has played a key part in Wheel of Fortune‘s success since earning her role in 1982. And although the beloved TV star has four decades invested in the long-running game show, the 65-year-old has nevertheless pinpointed some of her favorite moments in Wheel of Fortune history. See what some of those are in the clip below.

Appearing during a segment on Good Morning America, Vanna White said, “The million-dollar winners are just outstanding…I just love the reaction.”

More humorously, White also recalled one holiday special where a prop present became stuck to her gown.

“During Christmas, we had presents at the end of both [sides of] the puzzle board,” she explained, “and one of the presents got stuck on my gown, and I’m going back and forth and back and forth.”

During the same segment, longtime star Pat Sajak also reflected on his time on Wheel of Fortune. Speaking with GMA‘s Veronica Miracle, Sajak considered just how long the beloved game show has been on the air.

“When you started 40 years ago,” the anchor asked Sajak, “did you actually think you’d be here right now?”

Humorously, Sajak responded, “You mean on Earth?” but then provided a more serious answer.

“Vanna and I used to sit around after like 10 years and go, ‘How long you think this thing can go on?’ and five years [later], ‘How long you think this…’ Well we stopped asking about 20 years ago. It just…seems to keep motoring on.”

The 40th season of Wheel of Fortune premieres on Monday, September 12th.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Puzzle Board Gets Major Update

Wheel of Fortune is about to achieve its landmark 40th season, and such a milestone requires some major updating. Since premiering in January 1975, Wheel of Fortune‘s puzzle board has undergone a handful of changes. However, the newest change is, by far, the most technical of all.

Until now, each of the letters on Vanna White’s letter was a TV screen and so, while speaking with Veronica Miracle, White explained she would need to touch the edge of each letter in order to activate it. Now, all she needs to do is, essentially, pass her hand over it.

“I don’t even have to touch it!” she exclaimed.

While the letterboard’s new facelift is definitely in keeping with the times, many Wheel of Fortune fans aren’t too keen on the show’s latest update.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote, “OK honest opinion and I know it’s petty so I apologize. Am I alone in thinking it looks…cheap? Having a flat screen with no depth or activity feels odd.”

Admitting the photo capturing the new board might be messing with viewers’ perceptions, they nevertheless added, “it just feels a bit odd and cold.”

Other Wheel of Fortune fans agreed.

“I’d like it better if it didn’t look like the old puzzle board,” one fan added. “Just clear all the unwanted titles and have cool motion graphics or something.”

We’ll get a chance to see how the new setup really works when Season 40 of Wheel of Fortune premieres next week.