‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Reveals Her True Feelings About ‘Celebrity Wheel’

by Shelby Scott

Wheel of Fortune premieres its milestone 40th season on Monday, September 12th. As always, fans are excited to welcome back game show stalwart Vanna White. However, ahead of the traditional show’s return, fans are also clamoring for an all-new season of Celebrity Wheel. And, with just a few weeks until her small screen return, Vanna White has revealed her true feelings about the Wheel of Fortune spinoff.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune first premiered in 2021. The very first episode featured three major stars. They included comedian Leslie Jones, actress Chandra Wilson, and pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk. In the end, Hawk won and donated his $173,800 in winnings to Feeding San Diego. The outlet reports the organization is a hunger-relief and food rescue effort in California.

Another star, Melissa Joan Hart, later became the primetime game show’s first million-dollar winner. And, selflessly giving away her winnings, she contributed her massive earnings to Youth Villages, an organization focused on youth mental and behavioral health.

Per the outlet, this is usually how Celebrity Wheel winners celebrate. Of that fact, Vanna White said, “It’s absolutely wonderful.”

Of Melissa Joan Hart’s massive win and donation, the Wheel of Fortune icon added, “I was just thrilled out of my mind to see that happen.”

Additionally, Vanna White spoke about the celebrities’ impressive performances when they come to the show and the way they entertain live audience members.

“They’re definitely fun,” the letter-turner said of the show’s celebrity guests. “You know, they have a great time. And I’m really impressed at how good they really do.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Question Vanna White’s Role On Show

Wheel of Fortune simply wouldn’t be the same without Vanna White. However, that said, fans, acknowledging the wealth of technology many of our favorite TV shows have access to, have begun to question what the letter-turner’s role on the game show really is at this point.

In a prior post on the game show’s official SubReddit, one fan wrote, “No hate on Vanna but…in today’s society where women are more than just showgirls, is she really necessary anymore?”

Longtime fans of Wheel of Fortune argued exactly why producers have kept the 65-year-old star on the show.

“It’s not about if they CAN do it,” a second WOF fan responded. “Pat [Sajak] and Vanna ARE [Wheel of Fortune]. Decades of tradition (and high ratings) show that they are doing exactly what the people want.”

Another contributor stated, “She purportedly makes over $10 million per year. They wouldn’t pay her that much if it didn’t make sense financially. The people want Pat AND Vanna.”

On the other hand, a few fans agreed that technology has come far enough that Wheel of Fortune could definitely do without Vanna White. However, those same fans argued that having Vanna White there to physically reveal the letters each time gives the game show a more “human” feel.