‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Win Big in Bonus Round With Near-Perfect Letter Picks

by Caitlin Berard

With a virtually blank Wheel of Fortune board and a bonus round prize on the line, it’s all too easy for contestants to lose their heads and allow the stress of the moment to get the better of them. This was not the case for recent contestant Erik Radcliffe, however, who calmly called out letters, solved the puzzle, and won a huge Wheel of Fortune prize with a smile.

As Erik’s turn began, he had only two letters on the board, and Pat Sajak informed him that he was free to guess three more consonants and one more vowel. Without a moment’s hesitation, Erik called out D, M, G, and A, three of which were correct responses.

With the board now halfway filled, the answer was easy: Good Timing. Wheel of Fortune contestant Erik Radcliffe had called out the correct answer before the timer had even begun!

Quick-witted Pat Sajak instantly had a joke prepared about the stunning victory. “Speaking of good timing, let’s start the clock!” he exclaimed, before adding, “No,” with a shake of his head and opening the prize envelope. Erik Radcliffe won a cool $39,000 without breaking a sweat, putting his total winnings at $54,750.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Wins $100,000 After Interrupting Pat Sajak

Erik Radcliffe isn’t the only Wheel of Fortune contestant to win big recently. Last week, speech-language pathologist Jinger Lough won a staggering $133,555 – and interrupted Pat Sajak to do so.

Similarly to Erik, Jinger Lough was presented with the bonus round board, but her guesses weren’t nearly as lucky. With a nearly blank board before her, Jinger Lough gave her four letters. Only one of which, however, was a correct response.

As Vanna White filled in the single correct letter, Pat Sajak commiserated with his contestant. “Well, um, the bad news is, none of the consonants are there,” he said. “Just those two Os. I don’t know. There’s a used letter board, you can…” At this point, he was cut off mid-sentence as Jinger yelled out, “On the bandwagon?” and solved the puzzle.

Pat Sajak took the outburst in stride, “…or you could just solve the puzzle,” the host replied. “That would be the easy way to do it.”

Jinger Lough’s impressive victory marked a historic event for Wheel of Fortune, as she was the 7th contestant to win $100,000 this season. No season has ever seen so many wins of that size!