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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Winner Donates Thousands to Domestic Abuse Charity

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images for PLAYERS INC)

Wheel of Fortune” provides its winners with a variety of perks from cars and cruises to vast amounts of earnings. However, during Monday night’s episode, one contestant, in particular, decided to take her winnings and pay it forward. She shared that following her win, she would be donating to a worthy cause.

According to Newsweek, “Wheel of Fortune” player Sam Savage featured during the game show’s “Big Money” week. The segment enabled audience members to participate and have the opportunity to win a cruise and a $5,000 prize. During which, Savage definitely took home some major earnings. But, she also shared her plans to donate to an organization called My Sister’s House.

My Sister’s House is one of many American domestic abuse shelters, located in Charleston, South Carolina. According to the website, My Sister’s House aims to “break the cycle of domestic violence by providing comprehensive support, services, and education to our clients and community.”

Before appearing on “Wheel of Fortune,” the game show winner revealed she previously volunteered at the Charleston shelter.

“The experience was just unbelievably exciting to me,” Savage said to The Charleston Post and Courier. “I wouldn’t exchange it for anything.”

The outlet reports that Savage took home $23,500 in total. And though she plans to use her money to pay bills, she hopes to make annual donations to the shelter. That said, she didn’t actually reveal how much she plans to donate. Unfortunately, the “Wheel of Fortune” winner is no longer able to volunteer at My Sister’s House. As a Navy Commander previously living in Goose Creek, SC, the “Wheel of Fortune” winner is now based out of Pearl Harbor.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Sees Multiple $100,000 Winners This Season

Sam Savage definitely saw some significant winnings while on “Wheel of Fortune.” However, the hit game show has also had a streak of several major winners this season. That said, that’s not to dismiss Savage’s more humble earnings or her charitable intent.

In a post earlier this week, “Wheel of Fortune” celebrated their hot streak, sharing the most recent $100,000 winner Mike’s exciting win.

“Count ’em,” the game show began the post. With six confetti emojis, the Tweet continued, “[Six] $100,000 winners this season.”

That particular hot streak, in a way, compares to the winning streaks we’re seeing on “Jeopardy!” this season, with the fellow game show establishing three all-new super-champs. Nevertheless, “Wheel of Fortune’s” most recent winner exhibited quite the personality after taking home more than $100,000.

With just a single letter, “P,” the contestant, named Mike, guessed the full letter board, “Parting Ways.”

After getting the correct answer, the enthusiastic player jumps around, celebrating his win and donning some of the show’s iconic, colorful confetti to wear around his shoulders.

With a trip to Aruba and $100,000 in his pocket, I would say Mike definitely contributed to “Wheel of Fortune’s” hot streak of big-time winners.